The Art of Window Shopping

window shopping benefits

Window shopping is defined as browsing products just for fun, or with the intent to buy them at some later date.  For me it is often therapeutic. I adore window shopping. It is a stress buster and a terrific way to spend time with a good friend.  I also like to look at things in stores and look at the window dressing – they give me ideas to make the best use of what I have. It also helps me find the best deals around.

Window shopping is time well spent

One of the things I enjoy most as a way to spend my leisure time is a good, long mall crawl. I call up a good friend who is similarly inclined, we make a date and we push off. We look at the latest trends, admire some of the really good window displays, laugh at some of the more outlandish stuff, and generally have a good time. This is a goodish workout even though we don’t realize it. We then head over to the food court for a well earned latte or a snack.

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Food Steamer – Why and How To Go About Buying One

For any number of reasons – good health, weight loss and eating a more nutritious diet – steaming food is a good idea. You can get various different types of food steamers that can be plugged in to work by themselves; or you can get stove top varieties and even find food steamers for the microwave.

What are food steamers?

A food steamer is an implement that cooks food by heating water and creating steam. This is a method of cooking widely used in Asian cuisines and has been used for millennia. Steaming food means that you’re using heated vapor or steam to cook it, instead of using oil, butter or fat. The other major benefit of steaming is that the nutrients in the food are retained; unlike when you boil food (boiling means that you have to strain the food and most of the nutrients are then lost).

The foods that are best for steaming are vegetables and lean proteins such as chicken, fish and so on. Steaming is very useful if you’re on special diet such as the Macrobiotic Diet, the Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition (CRON) diet, Cuisine minceur (the slimming cooking style of cooking by French chef Michel Guérard), and the Okinawa Diet etc.

How to buy a food steamer

First decide whether you want a standalone steamer, a stove top one or a microwave steamer. A stove top one can be made from stainless steel, or bamboo (dimsum anyone?). You can even use a pressure cooker to steam-cook food. Standalone steamers typically have more than one segment for cooking several different items at the same time. Some electric rice cookers can also be used as a streamer. Here are some economical options: [Read more →]

Find the Right Bank Deals

Gone are the days that a bank would offer you a free toaster for opening a new checking account. These days, banks have been offering more practical incentives. Sometimes with free airline miles, electronics, or cash. Although these deals can be enticing, it’s important to do your homework before taking advantage of one, and consider if it’s really worth it.

What’s the catch?

The most typical reward a bank will offer for opening a new account is money, and usually around $100 to $200. The extra money can be great if you’re looking to open a new bank account anyway, but it’s not a smart move to just open an account to get some free cash. Every bank promotion will come with requirements that you have to meet in order to get your reward. If you find one that doesn’t, you’re extremely lucky. The bank may require you to have a minimum balance. Some minimum balances can be fairly high, and if you fall below it even for one day, you may be charged a fee for the whole month. Other requirements could include making a certain number of ATM withdrawals a month, or signing up for direct deposit. If you don’t meet these requirements, your free prize will vanish, and you may be stuck in a bank agreement that is more harmful than helpful.

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High Heels at a Discount

I know women who love shoes – some covet them, some adore them, others guard them jealously. I don’t know a single woman who is completely indifferent to shoes. It’s probably because of how good the legs tend to look in high heels – longer, slimmer, and sexier.  Well designed heels make the feet look smaller and narrower and help to enhance pretty, pedicured feet. So calling all women with a yen for shoes, here’s some footwear that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some beautiful shoes at great discounts:

Black shoesDiscount women’s dress shoes, is a great place to head for a wide variety of cheap shoes – they have high heeled shoes, low heeled ones, sandals, peep toes, stilettos and more… they even have those impossible looking heelless shoes. Now these simple suede Mary Jane button shoes in black have a comfortable chunky heel and no skid rubber sole and should be appropriate for any work place.  They could retail for much higher, but here they offer the shoes for just $8.99.   [Read more →]

Discounts on Artificial Plants

I have a confession to make – I kill plants. It isn’t that I do it deliberately or that I’m lazy about looking after them. But they just die of their own accord; probably pining for someone with genuine green thumbs. So I have decided to keep only artificial plants – I don’t need to water them, I don’t have to fertilize them, I don’t have to wonder how much sunlight they need and I don’t have to wonder if my absent minded neighbor is looking after them when I’m out of town.

As always I have to look for discounts regardless of what I plan to buy so here’s what I found out about artificial plants being sold at a discount:

artificial cherry blossom treeA real bonsai is something that I would probably kill just by looking at it so this pretty cherry blossom bonsai is probably the best deal for me. Made from polyester, plastic and iron wire, this plant is about 10 inches in height, and comes with its own pot. Ideal for one corner of my home office: adds just the right touch of homey prettiness. Overstock offers daily discounts, so check to get the best deal.  [Read more →]

Save Money While Traveling

Travel saving tipsI always say, my main reason for wanting to be rich is so I can travel. Traveling is a passion, but even there I would like to save money if I can. Here are some ways to save money when traveling; many of which I live by when I travel:

  1. Drive there. If your holiday destination isn’t that far, drive to it. Not only will you enjoy the drive, you can stop where and when you want and enjoy great flexibility. When you arrive at your destination, you don’t need to hire a cab or bother about hotel transfers. Grab a map or your GPS and you’re ready to roll!  [Read more →]

Blown Away by Motek

A friend has recently gotten engaged to her childhood sweetheart to be married in May this year. She came over, excited as hell, truly ecstatic, and in dire need of help. She wasn’t sure how she would manage everything so soon. It was mostly the wedding outfits and jewelry she was worried about. So we got to work immediately. We started to scout online for good wedding rings to start with. I came across, that deal in loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. The designs were just what my friend was looking for. Elegant and classic. Apart from rings, they have earrings, pendants, custom jewelry and a lot more.

I did some more digging. has been nominated for the best rings in Dallas city by its resident voters. They also sell on at great prices. People have really great things to say about them. Their prices for one are unbeatable. Buying diamonds directly from the manufacturer saves you a lot in terms of cost. This is when I realized why buying from Tiffanys and Cartier is so pricey. They can make any customized jewelry if you have something particular in mind. The staff is very helpful. Also, is in this business since 60 years and has created a great name for itself since. Reading all the positive reviews – and there were so many, we were blown away – we were both convinced we were in good hands with them for the wedding rings and other jewelry. In fact, we were almost ready to call on Rick and Oded from the company.

Next was the wedding dress and a whole lot of shopping for a whole new life. It was going to involve hours of sitting at my laptop with her, as well as a lot of store scouting. But I was ready! After all, nothing excites me more than shopping! Even if it isn’t for myself  🙂

Online Prices v/s In-Store Retail

retail or online purchaseThe Internet has introduced many things to modern society, but nothing has had more of an impact than the ability to shop online. With just a few keystrokes, a person can enter into a shopper’s paradise, purchasing things that they need or want, at any time of day. The convenience of online shopping has made it very desirable. This convenience has also made it very easy to make larger purchases.

The question of the day, however, is purchasing online always the best deal? The answer is yes and no.

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Ten Tips to Shop Healthy

They say you are what you eat so healthy eating is a must. And healthy eating starts with shopping healthy; shopping smart. So I put together a bunch of tips that you can keep in mind while buying groceries to make healthier food choices:

  1. Don’t shop hungry. There is research to show that we are more likely to reach for the sugary high carb foods when we’re feeling hungry. If you’re not hungry when you go grocery shopping, you are more likely to reach for the healthier foods.
  2. Carry a list. Ideally plan your meals in advance and make out a list based on what ingredients you will need. If you have a list of what you need, you are less likely to waste time and money.
  3. Buy at the farmer’s market. I have spoken before about why farmers markets are such a good idea. They help support local communities and make fresh, seasonal produce available to the consumer.  [Read more →]

Couture on a Budget

couture labelsThe world of high fashion is a complicated place. Artistic creations boasting six-inch shoulder pads, aluminum petticoats and any number of other unconventional details dominate the runways of many top designers.

While the artsy end of the fashion spectrum might not appeal to those shopping for an everyday look, the designers behind these clothes are in high demand, with even casual shoppers yearning for the top brands.

Unfortunately, most designer clothing comes with price tags out of reach for the common shopper. For the industrious bargain hunter willing to put in just a little more effort, however, there are ways to either make it or fake it to score the name brand look.

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