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“Proud American”

I’m 30, I’m single, and I’m proud to be an American. I live the American life, dream the American dream. Wear my nationality with confidence, arrogance even. Being a part of the leading country of the world has its perks. And they are in no way insignificant.

Why would everyone in this country be oozing patriotism? Plenty of reasons. Here are just a few:

Our Environment:

The climate here is fantastic. From the snowy winters of Seattle to the warm sunshine of Florida, it’s a pleasure staying anywhere across the nation. We do have hurricanes now and then, here and there, causing death and destruction. But that is really no biggie now, is it? We consume the highest amount of oil in the world, with China being a distant second. And China’s population is over 4 times that of USA. But really, not much should be read into those statistics. Global warming isn’t just our responsibility now is it?


Let me just say this one straight, WE ARE RICH! I’m not ashamed. It is what it is. We are a wealthy nation. We live extravagant high spend, low save lives. And we love it! Who is anyone else to tell us what to do with what we make.

Only 59% of Americans own their homes, way behind an 82% in Ireland or 80% in Spain. But how does that matter? We are still rich! We spend the money we have on expensive stuff – and very often also the money we don’t have. That’s what makes our average household debt the highest in the entire world. The figures for the UK, which ranks second, are still less than half of ours. But we lead the good life, and that’s what matters. And as we have already established, we don’t really believe in stashing money for the future and all that now do we? How important could that be? So it’s no surprise that the average household saving in Japan is about 11 times that of the Americans. Like in every other field, we beat all the other nations in respect of inequality of income too. True leadership that!

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The Bizarre, Unusual and Deadly Side of 2013

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” – Thomas Campbell

In this past year, 2013, the world lost a lot of famous people – some beloved, some abhorred, some admired. Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Conrad Bain, Donald F. Hornig, Hugo Chavez, Margaret Thatcher, James Gandolfini, Pran, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Peter O’Toole and numerous others left us behind. These deaths were widely reported, talked about, mourned and reminisced.

And then there were those that bordered on bizarre. Sometimes unusual, sometimes gruesome, but always tragic. These deaths seem to have walked right out of the Final Destination franchise. Most unexpected and untimely – they hit their victims when they least expected it.

Here is a list of the top 10 deadly and bizarre incidents of 2013 that shook the lives of the families and townships involved, if not the world.

Roman Pirozek Junior1.  Roman Pirozek Jr., age 19, a model aircraft enthusiast, was killed on 5th September 2013 at a freak accident at Calvert Vaux Park in Brooklyn, New York. He was there trying some tricks with his remote controlled helicopter, when he lost control and the machine came down on his head, with the moving rotor blades scalping him to death. His own father watched the horrifying incident as the chopper went out of control and slashed his throat and sliced off a part of his skull.

Roman had been a regular at performing daredevil stunts with his RC helicopter and had posted several videos on Youtube. This one however, went horribly awry. A tragic way to end a 19 year old’s life. [Read more →]

Self Help for a Shopaholic

ShopaholicIt is common to think of addiction as something to do with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, but shopping can be an addiction as well. Many people find that just as with any other addiction, their spending habits are starting to have a negative effect on their lives. But if you are a shopaholic, it’s possible to help yourself.

What is it really about?

A shopping addiction isn’t really about shopping or about the things you buy. It’s about something else, and key in overcoming the addiction is identifying what that something else is, so keeping a journal can be a good way to identify patterns. How are you feeling when you want to shop? Are you angry, sad or lonely?

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5 Online Shopping Tips

Today we have an inforgraphic for you by the team at PriceCollate. It’s a beautiful depiction of the online shopping journey, and where you need to be wary, careful and ask the right questions!

5 tips for online shopping


Top Business Women in the World

It is my considered view, that when women make it big in the corporate world, their achievements are more difficult to accomplish and therefore worth more admiration. Because they not only had to be as good as the men, they had to be better than the men; to survive and to excel.  Plus women always have more on their plate than men – being expected to juggle home and work at the same time. That is why, when I came across this CNN list of the World’s Most Powerful Business Women, all of whom I salute and who have my deepest admiration, I thought I would share with my readers –

  1. Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO PepsiCo is the most powerful businesswoman in the world. She has come a long way from her native India. Not only has she successfully contended with declining sales of soft drinks manufactured by her company, she has looked at providing the consumer with healthier options such as orange juice fortified with omega 3 fatty acid.
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Seniors Beware – Fraudsters Targeting Seniors

Fraudsters keep coming up with newer, more ingenious ways of parting us from our cash and one very vulnerable portion of the population is that of senior citizens. In recent times there are many frauds particularly aimed at seniors who should be aware of these:

Medicare Scam: This is something like a mobile lab scam – where the fraudsters target the elderly pretending to conduct fake checkups and then charging their Medicare account. Then another modus operandi is offering ‘free’ products door to door and then charging their Medicare account. Then there are those to steal someone’s identification number and use it to conduct tests; such as the woman who was charged for semen analysis and prostate exams!

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How to Cope with the Recession

The recession, the global meltdown, the slowdown, and a myriad other terms are being bandied about these days to describe the fact that basically everyone is feeling the pinch in their pocket these days. We are no longer anticipating a recession; it is upon us and no mistake! We all have less money than before to spend, we are doing without some things that we may have taken for granted earlier, we are all taking a sharp look at our expenditure to see what we can cut down on and what we can do without. I thought of some of the ways that one can cope with recession and here are my thoughts:

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Biggest Divorce Settlements

I know I have never done a post such as this one before, but I just wanted to do something completely different from my usual save money / get good deals kind of posts and still at the same time, keep it All about the Money, honey J. I was watching the movie First Wives Club again after years and got curious to find out who were involved in the biggest divorce settlements ever.

Now if I were to pick one divorce settlement that is to my mind the most famous, I would it was the Donald Trump / Ivana Trump divorce with its high profile showdowns on ski slopes and massive settlements. After all it was Ivana who made that classic line her own when she said in the First Wives Club, ‘Don’t get mad, get everything!” Though the exact amounts paid out in the divorce were sealed by the Courts, according to Wiki, rumors estimated that Ivana received $20 million, the $14 million family estate in Connecticut, a $5 million housing allowance, all of her jewelry and 49% of Mar-A-Lago, the family home in Palm Beach which also serves as a private club for the Palm Beach elite. Ivana’s next marriage; to Riccardo Mazzucchelli didn’t last either and she filed a $15 million breach of contract suit against him as well.

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Discount Lingerie

This blog I read regularly, decided to go pink for October because this is breast cancer awareness month. The official pink for October website is urging people to go pink for this month to get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research. But to be clear, raising money isn’t the primary purpose of this web event. The hope is that you turn your site pink (in whatever way works for your site), educate yourself about the multiple issues related to Breast Cancer, then take that knowledge and tell someone else what you’ve learned. This is an admirable cause so I am supporting it in my own small way!

So I thought to myself what post about discounts and good deals can I possibly do that is related to this issue? Well the closest I could come up with is lingerie, after all it is that which supports and enhances our er… womanly assets.

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Some Style Tips: Look Great on a Budget

Snake facialWhy do celebs look so great? Yes, spending mega bucks on designer clothing, grooming and accessories, having a personal stylist, is all part of the package; after all part of the job description is to look great; but what is also part of the deal is something a little more elusive, more subtle. It is about having a personal sense of style (or in some cases a lack thereof). There are ways in which you and I can look great with a limited budget, by taking care of certain details.

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