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Amusement or Addiction? Recognizing Signs of Shopping Addiction

I write about shopping all the time, and thought that it would be irresponsible of me not to touch upon the subject of shopping addiction from time to time. If you find yourself being unable to resist buying things you may wonder if you’re actually addicted.

It is actually a recognized disorder called Oniomania or Compulsive Buying Disorder – and I sometimes wonder if I have it. So I did some research to find out the symptoms of shopping addiction. According to the experts, some of the warning signs of this shopping problem could be: (I was quite relieved to find that I display none of the worrying signs, except being a woman that is)   [Read more →]

Ten Tips to Shop Healthy

They say you are what you eat so healthy eating is a must. And healthy eating starts with shopping healthy; shopping smart. So I put together a bunch of tips that you can keep in mind while buying groceries to make healthier food choices:

  1. Don’t shop hungry. There is research to show that we are more likely to reach for the sugary high carb foods when we’re feeling hungry. If you’re not hungry when you go grocery shopping, you are more likely to reach for the healthier foods.
  2. Carry a list. Ideally plan your meals in advance and make out a list based on what ingredients you will need. If you have a list of what you need, you are less likely to waste time and money.
  3. Buy at the farmer’s market. I have spoken before about why farmers markets are such a good idea. They help support local communities and make fresh, seasonal produce available to the consumer.  [Read more →]

Self Help for a Shopaholic

ShopaholicIt is common to think of addiction as something to do with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, but shopping can be an addiction as well. Many people find that just as with any other addiction, their spending habits are starting to have a negative effect on their lives. But if you are a shopaholic, it’s possible to help yourself.

What is it really about?

A shopping addiction isn’t really about shopping or about the things you buy. It’s about something else, and key in overcoming the addiction is identifying what that something else is, so keeping a journal can be a good way to identify patterns. How are you feeling when you want to shop? Are you angry, sad or lonely?

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Benefits of Buying an Electronic Cigarette Instead

Electronic cigarette sales are increasing every day and their increasing popularity is, in turn, promoting more and more interest in the product. Most smokers will now know someone who has tried an E Cig and many will have considered switching themselves. As an alternative to smoking, rather than a cessation aid, there are a number of benefits of changing over from traditional tobacco products. Financial benefits are often at the forefront of users minds but there are social and health benefits to consider as well.

Financial Benefits

Smokers tend to be very aware of the amount of money they spend on cigarettes each month and each year. With the cost of tobacco continually rising, the average pack-a-day smoker spends around 180 on cigarettes each month. When this sum is converted to the yearly figure of over two thousand pounds, it is clear why many people rely on financial motivation to change.

As electric cigarettes are reusable, the cost of using one is significantly lower than buying cigarettes. Whether you choose a disposable model or a rechargeable design you will save money in the long run with an electric cigarette.

Social Benefits

Many smokers are also now feeling the full effect of the smoking ban and are beginning to realise that the amount of stigma now attached to this habit is increasing. Pubs and clubs become less attractive when you contemplate leaving your party every once in a while to stand at the door or on the street to smoke.

An electric cigarette emits only a harmless water vapour that is not considered under the smoking ban so changing will allow you to use the product even in indoor public spaces. As they do not emit smoke, E cigarettes also do not emit the smell often associated with smoking so are much more acceptable even in people’s homes.

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Farmers Markets – Always a Good Idea!

Farmers marketI try to do my little bit for the environment by minimizing my carbon footprint to the extent possible. When environment friendly also means pocket friendly, I think of that as a double benefit scheme. The farmer’s market concept is one such concept that I hope to embrace wholeheartedly – it is something that makes sense in terms of ecological impact and also personal health and economy.

What are farmer’s markets?

These are a collection of stalls, booths and temporary shops set up by individual farmers who grow and produce food items including vegetables, fruit and meat; sometimes preserves and prepared food as well.

They sell directly to the customer rather than go through a middle man such as a grocery shop or wholesaler or supermarket chain.  Farmer’s markets are an old fashioned and enjoyable way to shop for fresh produce.  The idea is to bring fresh produce to people within driving distance of the farmer.

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Massage Gadgets – Discounts and Deals

If anyone says they don’t like a good massage they are either lying or they have never had a proper massage and don’t know what they’ve been missing.  One of the things that have sailed onto my wish list horizon in recent times is a massage chair or other massage gadget that will give me all the TLC when my significant other seems in no mood to offer it. Massage is supposed to aid relaxation, reduce mental stress and physical tension and even help in reducing minor aches and pains.

Foot massagerNow ever since I saw and experienced one of these at some mall somewhere, it have coveted them and wanted them and desired what they could do for a pair of aching and suffering feet. It is a calf and foot massager that I speak so covetously of. Now this one massages your calves and feet, squeezing and vibrating like a pair of loving hands and feels wonderful! I can vouch for this. The intensity and the speed of the massage can be varied as one wants. I found that the foot and calf massager was cheapest on Amazon, where it was down from the list price of 300 dollars to just $163. A 46% discount always sounds good to me!

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Why Alternative Treatments Make Economic Sense

I am reading up a lot about alternative therapies and complementary medicines and so on and also speaking to a lot of people who have chosen to go the natural way rather than use pharmaceutical medications for their ailments. This got me thinking and made me realize that there is a lot of be said for complementary and alternative medicine or CAM therapy as it is also known, for a number of reasons, some of them very sound economic ones as well.

Consider why CAM therapies can help save you money –

Medicines Cost Money – Quite simply, it can be an expensive proposition to buy and have medications over a longer term. Consider for instance, if you had high blood pressure and had to go on medication to control that. Rather than medicines however if your doctor prescribed certain nutritional supplements, dietary changes and a strict exercise regimen this may have a beneficial effect on the blood pressure without the medicines and will also have the added benefit of a fitter healthier you without the expense of medicines. Another example – if you learn about the basic acupressure points, you may be able to self heal a headache without having to take a pain killer!

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Weight Loss Pills and Supplements – Do You Need Them?

There are several questions: do you need them? Do they work? Are they safe for you? Etc. etc. Weight loss pills, weight loss supplements, weight loss lotions, weight loss foods, weight loss drinks, body wraps, belts and even rings and earrings!

According to this Reuters article, between $33 billion and $55 billion is spent annually on weight loss products and services, including medical procedures and pharmaceuticals, with weight loss centers garnering between six percent and 12 percent of total annual expenditure in the United States alone.

The fact is that only an actual change in lifestyle will give you results if you are trying for weight loss. There is no substitute for healthy eating and exercise in your daily life; that is a fact.  If working out regularly has been your problem, this iPod workout audio might help you train at home without spending on a gym membership. However the weight loss industry flourishes on promoting the idea of quick fat loss, of weight loss without effort; of easy methods of losing the inches. These short cut methods are never permanent, no matter what the infomercials tell you. They may give you some results to begin with, before the body builds up resistance to it, and then you are back to square one. How stuff works explains it if you want to have a look.

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Belated Gift for Mother’s Day

I’ve gone and forgotten Mother’s Day completely, and now remembering it a month later there is no hope for redemption! My mother has a birthday coming up soon, luckily, so I am going to get her something nice, a sort of combined Mother’s day and birthday gift.

Now we all know grandparents who whip out a wallet or even a photo album at the least provocation and proceed to show even strangers their beloved offspring’s even more beloved offspring, so it goes without saying that anything that features grandkids photos is bound to be a big hit. So this picture tote here, would be an excellent idea in my view. Available in black, khaki or red, it made from cotton canvas with leather trim and has three built-in, round photo frames. Then you can get a few pics developed; the kind she will enjoy, (get a whole bunch done, so that she can change them as and when she wants) and you have a really memorable gift!

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Saving Money on Medication

I have done a post before about how to save money on medication, but I think that topic could do with further discussion because sometimes we get prescribed drugs that we don’t even need in the first place.

Do you really need an expensive antibiotic?

It would seem that doctors are prescribing a lot more medications than they used to: in 2007 pharmacists filled 3.8 billion prescriptions, up from 3.3 billion in 2002 and according to at least one doctor it’s because “It’s easier and quicker than explaining to a patient why they don’t need an antibiotic,” How scary is that! So next you’re sick, be sure to ask your physician what he is prescribing and why you need it at all.

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