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“Proud American”

I’m 30, I’m single, and I’m proud to be an American. I live the American life, dream the American dream. Wear my nationality with confidence, arrogance even. Being a part of the leading country of the world has its perks. And they are in no way insignificant.

Why would everyone in this country be oozing patriotism? Plenty of reasons. Here are just a few:

Our Environment:

The climate here is fantastic. From the snowy winters of Seattle to the warm sunshine of Florida, it’s a pleasure staying anywhere across the nation. We do have hurricanes now and then, here and there, causing death and destruction. But that is really no biggie now, is it? We consume the highest amount of oil in the world, with China being a distant second. And China’s population is over 4 times that of USA. But really, not much should be read into those statistics. Global warming isn’t just our responsibility now is it?


Let me just say this one straight, WE ARE RICH! I’m not ashamed. It is what it is. We are a wealthy nation. We live extravagant high spend, low save lives. And we love it! Who is anyone else to tell us what to do with what we make.

Only 59% of Americans own their homes, way behind an 82% in Ireland or 80% in Spain. But how does that matter? We are still rich! We spend the money we have on expensive stuff – and very often also the money we don’t have. That’s what makes our average household debt the highest in the entire world. The figures for the UK, which ranks second, are still less than half of ours. But we lead the good life, and that’s what matters. And as we have already established, we don’t really believe in stashing money for the future and all that now do we? How important could that be? So it’s no surprise that the average household saving in Japan is about 11 times that of the Americans. Like in every other field, we beat all the other nations in respect of inequality of income too. True leadership that!

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Save Money with Cheap Dual Fuel

dual fuelLike most people you have probably been battered on all sides by increasing energy costs, increasing food costs and decreasing real spending power of wages. If you’re looking for a little respite and a year on year real reduction in your outgoings, you need to search out the cheapest dual fuel deal available to consumers. Dual fuel tariffs can lead to serious reductions in your monthly, quarterly and yearly energy bills; if you’re serious about reducing your outgoings perhaps we can help you further.

What are the benefits of dual fuel supply?

There are several benefits of taking out a contract for dual fuel supply from a service provider. Gas and electricity are the two main energy mediums in use in the country, and over the years the industries have been deregulated and privatised. Where once the gas and electricity supply industry was a state run monopoly, the sell off and privatization has been beneficial for consumers in many ways, not least the following:  [Read more →]

Expecting a Tax Refund? Make it Count!

That much anticipated check that arrives is the mail; your Tax Refund may mean different things to different people. There are many things you can do with it, you can blow it all up or you can make it count; the decision rests with you. However the former choice will offer temporary satisfaction and the latter will stand you in good stead over the longer term. So here are some ways to make your tax refund count:

Pay off debt: For most people being debt free offers the most satisfaction and relief. On an online poll, more than 50% responders chose to use their tax refund amount to pay off debts or get as close to debt free as possible.

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Tips To Save Money On Your Tax Return

It is that time of year and many of us are probably engaged in thinking up the best ways to save money on your tax return, to pay as little tax as is legally possible.  So what can you do to make sure that the check that uncle Sam sends you by way of a tax refund is the largest that it can be?

Do it yourself: it may seem like a daunting prospect to do your own filing, however when you put your mind to it, filing your own returns is not that difficult and best of all it is free so that it saves you a bunch of money. You can e-file your returns online or you can to print out the forms and mail them in.  This web page is actually a service that will help you; the basic requirement being to fill out a simple form. Turbo Tax helps you file your returns with step by step guidance; another good and helpful site is H & R Block at home.

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Effect of Climate Change on World Economics

People I am going to take a bit of a break from my usual bargain hunting posts to take a look at the rather serious subject of climate change and how it impacts the world of economics and business. While some call it placing obstacle in economic progress and placing curbs on free enterprise, this is a shortsighted view. We have to preserve and conserve now, so that we don’t destroy our resources and have the wherewithal to continue to produce tomorrow.

A couple of months ago, just such an initiative was underway in Copenhagen where the future of business was decided during the World Business Summit on Climate Change. The aim of this summit was for top CEOs to discuss how their firms can help solve the climate crisis through innovative business models, new partnerships, and the development of low-carbon technologies. The object was also to send a strong message to the negotiating governments on how to remove barriers and create incentives for implementation of new solutions in a post-Kyoto framework.

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India’s Squabbling Siblings: A Tale of Two Billionaires

One of the most fascinating stories in international finance currently is that of the Ambani Brothers, Mukesh and Anil, from India. Theirs is a sweeping family saga spiced with money, ambition, avarice and sibling rivalry which is keeping the financial markets not only of India but the world over riveted.  These two men are among the richest in the world, with vast business holdings, enormous riches and tremendous clout in the financial markets of the world. If one sneezes, the Indian stock market catches cold!

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Is the Recession Over?

I have spoken before about the recession, and how we can try to cope with it, and now articles I have read are telling me that that is so.

This Newsweek article, The Recession is Over, reaches this conclusion based on the fact that the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, holds that a mixture of targeted investments, tax credits, subsidies, reforms, and direct purchases can preserve or create jobs in the short term, improve America’s economic competitiveness in the long term, and catalyze private-sector investment.

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The President’s Biggest Challenge: It’s All about the Money!

The United States has a brand new president; those of us who watched the live presentation of the Inauguration certainly saw history being made! However his presidency is fraught with unenviable challenges which people expect him to sort out right away: the US currently is facing its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. And since it is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY (which is also this blog’s tagline in case you didn’t notice) I thought it makes sense to make ourselves aware of what it is that the new president and his Vice President plan to do to pull the US out of the black hole of economic depression that it is currently sunk into. Let us take a look at how the new broom plans to sweep clean the economic mess.

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The Offensive Israeli

Over the past few weeks I have been watching the Israel Gaza conflict unfold, in horror and in indignation: horror at what Israel was doing and indignation that no one in the world was doing anything to stop it. I feel indignant at the nonchalant way in which Israel creates incursions into territory that is not its own, attacks with impunity and kills with utter brutality with no regard for whether it was a child that was killed or a hospital that was bombed. The current ceasefire has done little to undo the harm done.

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Green Tax Breaks

Like I keep saying, that which is good for the environment is also good for us and our finances. And that is even more so when you consider that environment friendly decisions can get you some very useful tax cuts. Although global oil prices have eased a great deal since I did a post about tips to save gas, it still pays to be energy efficient in terms of your home: heating, cooling, insulation, etc. not only for the savings in terms of the energy consumption bills but also in terms of the tax credits you get.

The reason that the government gives you tax breaks is so that you are encouraged to make purchases that reduce energy consumption on the whole, lowering pressure on grids and helping you reduce you carbon footprint and therefore lowering emission and pollution levels.

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