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The Art of Window Shopping

window shopping benefits

Window shopping is defined as browsing products just for fun, or with the intent to buy them at some later date.  For me it is often therapeutic. I adore window shopping. It is a stress buster and a terrific way to spend time with a good friend.  I also like to look at things in stores and look at the window dressing – they give me ideas to make the best use of what I have. It also helps me find the best deals around.

Window shopping is time well spent

One of the things I enjoy most as a way to spend my leisure time is a good, long mall crawl. I call up a good friend who is similarly inclined, we make a date and we push off. We look at the latest trends, admire some of the really good window displays, laugh at some of the more outlandish stuff, and generally have a good time. This is a goodish workout even though we don’t realize it. We then head over to the food court for a well earned latte or a snack.

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Blown Away by Motek

A friend has recently gotten engaged to her childhood sweetheart to be married in May this year. She came over, excited as hell, truly ecstatic, and in dire need of help. She wasn’t sure how she would manage everything so soon. It was mostly the wedding outfits and jewelry she was worried about. So we got to work immediately. We started to scout online for good wedding rings to start with. I came across www.motekdiamonds.com, that deal in loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. The designs were just what my friend was looking for. Elegant and classic. Apart from rings, they have earrings, pendants, custom jewelry and a lot more.

I did some more digging. www.motekdiamonds.com has been nominated for the best rings in Dallas city by its resident voters. They also sell on yelp.com at great prices. People have really great things to say about them. Their prices for one are unbeatable. Buying diamonds directly from the manufacturer saves you a lot in terms of cost. This is when I realized why buying from Tiffanys and Cartier is so pricey. They can make any customized jewelry if you have something particular in mind. The staff is very helpful. Also, www.motekdiamonds.com is in this business since 60 years and has created a great name for itself since. Reading all the positive reviews – and there were so many, we were blown away – we were both convinced we were in good hands with them for the wedding rings and other jewelry. In fact, we were almost ready to call on Rick and Oded from the company.

Next was the wedding dress and a whole lot of shopping for a whole new life. It was going to involve hours of sitting at my laptop with her, as well as a lot of store scouting. But I was ready! After all, nothing excites me more than shopping! Even if it isn’t for myself  🙂

Couture on a Budget

couture labelsThe world of high fashion is a complicated place. Artistic creations boasting six-inch shoulder pads, aluminum petticoats and any number of other unconventional details dominate the runways of many top designers.

While the artsy end of the fashion spectrum might not appeal to those shopping for an everyday look, the designers behind these clothes are in high demand, with even casual shoppers yearning for the top brands.

Unfortunately, most designer clothing comes with price tags out of reach for the common shopper. For the industrious bargain hunter willing to put in just a little more effort, however, there are ways to either make it or fake it to score the name brand look.

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Sweaters for Sale – Smart and Functional Layering

One of the reasons I like winters is that they give me an excuse to bundle up in warm clothing. I enjoy stylish layering using interesting color combinations and creating versatile looks using sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, jackets, fleecy tops and so on. I found some great deals on sweaters which I want to share along with my ideas for how to create smart layers.

crew neck sweaterThe basic crew necked pullover is a must for every wardrobe, female or male. It is useful under a jacket or blazer or on top of a collared shirt and so on. Pick jewel bright colors and team them with contrasting or coordinated colors. This woman’s chunky cable knit sweater from Old Navy is a bright, smart and versatile option. It comes in bright yellow, lilac, jade, gray, orange, pink, purple, navy, red and a few other colors.

Another option is a lightweight boat neck sweater that you can pick out in solid colors, stripes or other patterns. On a cold day you can add a couple of layers on top; say a cardigan as well as a coat, and on a warm day, it can be a top that you can team with smart skirts or capris. This lightweight sweater from Old Navy cost less than $ 10; a great deal I thought. [Read more →]

Summer Dresses at a Discount

If you are at all familiar with me and this discount shopping blog of mine, you will know that I get some very specific shopping urges from time to time. This time around it is summer dresses at a discount that I am scouting around for. I aim to take an exotic holiday and plan to be very well turned out for that! Here are some summer dresses I liked – pretty, summery, flirty and reasonably priced!

Summer dressI found some pretty (and pretty cool) summer dresses at Amazon. This Tiana B Women’s Ombre Maxi Dress is a really nice for a relaxed day doing touristy things at some exotic beach location. It is a lovely green color in a palm frond kind of pattern and a flattering neckline, and reasonable at just under 50 dollars.

Summery dressesOverstock has a pretty good collection of summer dresses, and one that I really liked there was this Élan Women’s Empire-waist T-back Dress for just about 30 dollars. It is your basic halter summer dress that has a rather daring neckline and you can opt for coral, black, white and turquoise colors there.

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Wrap Up Warm this Winter with these Discount Coats

I love winters; correction I hate summers, and so when winters come around, I am happier than if it was summer. Also I like to bundle up against the weather and enjoy the bracing air when it’s cold and frosty out, so I am always in search of some warm winter woolies so I can be snug as a bug in a rug.  Here are some lovely coats that I managed to find, each on a goodish discount:

Victoria's Secret CoatI freely admit that this Victoria’s Secret velvet blazer is not something that is going to keep me warm this winter, but it is Oh! So smart! It is made from a cotton, rayon and spandex mix, so you can be sure that it will conform rather well to the shape of the body. No buttons or fastenings and a subtle shimmer and a hint of sexy stretch, make this rather desirable in my view. [Read more →]

Lingerie at a Discount

This post may be considered a wee bit risqué given the wholesome kind of content we usually have on here, but when it comes to women’s lingerie, there are few from either the male or the female population who are not interested! Since I needed to find some good deals on bridal lingerie for a friend, I though why not do a post about it!

Now what a bride wears under her gown is as important as her gown, not only because of how the innerwear will make the dress look and how imperceptible it is beneath the wedding gown but also because of what follows the actual wedding. I thought that this lace chemise set with the top and its matching G-string was great for just $18, however I later realized that this is a wholesale price with a suggested retail price of $44.99 and up and that you have to order a minimum of 2 sets here.

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How to Buy Discount Swimwear Online

Now some of us may be hesitant to buy swimsuits online, but remember you are most likely to get the best deals online and also have access to the widest variety and choice when it comes to buying swimwear.

One good way to shop for swimsuits is to try some out at your regular bricks and mortar store to see how the cut and size work for you – this way you know how and which size  fits you well and whether you find the cut and fit comfortable. You can then go online to try and find a better deal or a wider range in terms of colors or prints. For buying swim suits online, you can try the following sites that offer great deals –

Smart Bargains stocks a wide variety of swim suits – bikinis, bikini bottoms, tankinis, swim separates, women’s cover-ups, sarongs and so on are all available. You can also expect to find some good discounts on. You can ask for the size you need and they offer you the best options in terms of discounts.

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SAD? Gifting Ideas for Yourself

It could be the single people find the whole brouhaha surrounding Valentine’s Day a wee bit nauseating, the in your face displays of love and affection rather too smug to take – so whether as a joke or as a mutinous reaction to Valentine Day, someone came up with Singles Awareness Day (acronym SAD, so it must be someone’s idea of ironic wit) – there is some difference of opinion whether it is celebrated on 13th, 14th or 15th of February, but celebrated it is!

So the idea is that if people will send their ‘better halves’ all manner of mawkish gifts, then there is no reason why single people shouldn’t send themselves a gift of two as well! Getting together for a singles party, getting some pampering from a spa or similar, going for a holiday, doing something meaningful like volunteering to help with or donate to a charity can all be terrific ideas for Singles Awareness Day and equally, one can treat oneself to the following gifts –

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses at a Discount

Now may I clarify right away that this is not for me, it is a friend for whom I was doing the hunting and the research for plus size wedding gowns and here is what I came up with. I found some beautiful outfits, some not too traditional and many that you can wear even after the big day so I decided to do a post about it!

This Charmeuse Rhinestones, Crystal Beading Semi-Cathedral Train Dress available in White or Ivory Beading available in Cherry, Clover,Sapphire, White or Ivory Sizes is a very flattering cut and style for a plus sized girl I thought and though traditional I just liked it a lot. You can call a number given at the page to call up for a discount.

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