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Blown Away by Motek

A friend has recently gotten engaged to her childhood sweetheart to be married in May this year. She came over, excited as hell, truly ecstatic, and in dire need of help. She wasn’t sure how she would manage everything so soon. It was mostly the wedding outfits and jewelry she was worried about. So we got to work immediately. We started to scout online for good wedding rings to start with. I came across www.motekdiamonds.com, that deal in loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. The designs were just what my friend was looking for. Elegant and classic. Apart from rings, they have earrings, pendants, custom jewelry and a lot more.

I did some more digging. www.motekdiamonds.com has been nominated for the best rings in Dallas city by its resident voters. They also sell on yelp.com at great prices. People have really great things to say about them. Their prices for one are unbeatable. Buying diamonds directly from the manufacturer saves you a lot in terms of cost. This is when I realized why buying from Tiffanys and Cartier is so pricey. They can make any customized jewelry if you have something particular in mind. The staff is very helpful. Also, www.motekdiamonds.com is in this business since 60 years and has created a great name for itself since. Reading all the positive reviews – and there were so many, we were blown away – we were both convinced we were in good hands with them for the wedding rings and other jewelry. In fact, we were almost ready to call on Rick and Oded from the company.

Next was the wedding dress and a whole lot of shopping for a whole new life. It was going to involve hours of sitting at my laptop with her, as well as a lot of store scouting. But I was ready! After all, nothing excites me more than shopping! Even if it isn’t for myself  🙂

Couture on a Budget

couture labelsThe world of high fashion is a complicated place. Artistic creations boasting six-inch shoulder pads, aluminum petticoats and any number of other unconventional details dominate the runways of many top designers.

While the artsy end of the fashion spectrum might not appeal to those shopping for an everyday look, the designers behind these clothes are in high demand, with even casual shoppers yearning for the top brands.

Unfortunately, most designer clothing comes with price tags out of reach for the common shopper. For the industrious bargain hunter willing to put in just a little more effort, however, there are ways to either make it or fake it to score the name brand look.

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Foot and Shoe Jewelry Ideas and Deals

This is apparently all the rage – clip on accessories for shoes and clothes – bows, pins, studs, stones, floral designs in sparkly, colorful shapes that help perk up an outfit in an instant. When I came across them, my frugal little soul was delighted at the many possibilities they presented.

Now suppose you had a plain old pair of pumps or even some summery sandals. If you wanted to adorn them to make them look a little more dressy or you wanted to simply add some color to go with your outfit, you could add some of these nifty little accessories that you can clip on to the shoes. You can then remove them and use them for other shoes or even for accentuating a plain shirt or top.

satin shoe flower clipsThese Satin Scalloped Edge Flower Shoe Clips are pretty and dressy without being over the top and they help to add a touch of whimsy to plain shoes. They have a simple slip on mechanism on the other side and you can clip them on to flip flops, sandals, pumps, and formal shoes etc. best of all they are at a 50% discount, down from $ 18 to $ 9 for a pair.  [Read more →]

Dressy Discount Hair Accessories

I try to do as little as possible to my hair in terms of chemical treatments. Perms and rebonding procedures are best avoided I think and I am also careful about using hair colors. But I totally go for hair accessories of all kinds – bands, clips, barrettes, grips and clutches.

They keep hair up and out of the way, dress up or dress down an outfit, add a bit of color or even a hint of cheekiness! In fact your hair may be the one thing that you’re not dressing up sufficiently – the right hair accessory can do that job for you. Also there are cheap and cheerful accessories to shop for.

Butterfly Hair AccessoryThis clear rhinestone butterfly clip is a charming little hair accessory that helps you glam up your hair just a wee bit. Here’s a tip – I also use something like this as a brooch. I can put it on the neckline of a plain tee or clip it to the lapel of a severe shirt. At a 70% discount and down to just $1.50, what’s not to like! [Read more →]

4 Great Deals on Patio Accessories

Winter may not be the time you think of patio accessories, but it really should be – it’s a time when you can find some great deals! Spring may be a few months away, but now’s the perfect time to purchase your outdoor items and start planning how you’ll redesign things come March. Here are 4 great deals on some awesome outdoor items:

Fire Sense Stainless Steel Tabletop Heater

Patio HeaterAlthough more of a fall and winter item than spring and summer, this is something no serious outdoor entertainer should be without. This Fire Sense Stainless Steel Tabletop Heater runs off a small propane tank and puts out an impressive 10,000 BTUs, raising the temperature anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees. Value priced at $139, it’s perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or hosting guests on the patio in comfort during the cooler months.

 Austram Classix Hanging Planter

outdoor planterGreenery is essential for any outdoor space, and with a few of these Austram Classix Hanging Planters you’ll have plenty! It’s made from a super strong polypropylene plastic, designed to withstand years of outdoor exposure, and the coco liner in it is a great bonus that will encourage your plants to thrive. And since they’re just $21, you can get a couple and have a beautiful, lush display of plant life around your patio. It is a great combo of form and function.

Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Birdbath

bird bath fountainSolar fountains have exploded in popularity in the last few years, so if you don’t have on around your home then it’s time you get one! This Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Birdbath uses a solar panel mounted in the basin, so there are no wires and nothing to plug in. Made from high grade resin, it’s light enough for one person to move easily but sturdy enough to stay in place in bad weather. At $139, it gives you all the style and class that comes with an elegant water feature for a fraction of the price.

EHO Studios Patio Conversation Set

patio table and chairs setPatio furniture sets are one of the most expensive items for the outdoor space, but a quality set is an investment that will last for years. With that said, you won’t find a much better deal than this EHO Studios Patio Conversation Set. Made from rattan, this set has a sofa, 2 chairs, and a table, all designed to hold up in all weather conditions. You even get your choice of free (yes, FREE) red, white, or black cushions! The best part is the price – just $969 for the whole set! It’s an obvious choice for saving money without sacrificing quality and style.

This was a Guest Post by Marissa Alan. She is a writer with Outdoor Living and loves the challenge of designing on a budget, both indoors and out. For more on items like outdoor fountains, decorative planters, patio furniture, or a modern gas fire pit, visit OutdoorLiving.com.

Hats Off

With the summer upon us, some of the must buys in everyone’s shopping list are sunscreens, shades, shorts…and Hats!! I must admit I wasn’t much of a hat person, but after seeing ladies don some awesome headgear in the last derby season, methinks I’m gonna get myself some head turning hats too! And they can serve well to protect the hair and skin from the harsh sun while making a style statement at the same time.

So there I went searching for good discounted hats online and I found this hats sale site selling everything at 40% off. They have a huge variety of hats all sorted by brand, material, style and the best part is they have a vast choice of colors in each kind. They have really cute ones for kids too.

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Sunglasses Season

With the summer time upon us, I decided to buy myself a new pair of shades. And as usual, I decided to try online before taking the trouble to buy from a brick and mortar store. And I definitely do not regret it!

Shopwiki has an amazing range of sunglasses to choose from. What is more, they have a very helpful guide to help you choose the right one for you. I have used shades with polarized lenses before and can swear by the huge difference it makes to the comfort of your eyes, especially while driving. The reduction in glare is a huge plus when it comes to driving at night.

Buying sunglasses with good UV protection is a no brainer. Everyone knows that. But it helps to know that apart from the relatively well known polarized, mirrored or gradient lenses, there is also an option of photochromic lenses. These change shade based on the surroundings, ie they become darker when outdoors and lighter when indoors.

There are many specialized frames and lenses to choose from. Theres light weight, shades made to withstand high wind conditions, shades made for specific sports and particular work conditions. There is actually a great deal of stuff on this site. They have all the possible brands I can think of listed. I am going to go check out some Prada or Chanel sunglasses. See you later soaking in the sun!

A Ring Anyone?

Valentines Day is coming up, and I’m thinking of gifting myself a nice rock! Instead of waiting around for someone to get the idea of buying me one, I think I shall just buy myself a nice ring. What say peeps?! 😉

So I went about looking for good deals on rings that would take my breath away. The Sylvie Collection site for engagement rings caught my fancy. Not that I know much about diamonds, except that they are every woman’s best friend! Luckily they have a section that educates novices like me about the finer nuances of buying diamonds sensibly.

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Perfumes Galore

There is no particular season for gifting, and a piece of jewelry, or some new tableware is always welcome. As are handbags and shoes. This Christmas and New Year time, for a change, I got plenty of perfumes. Enough to last me through the year.

Our sense of smell can be very evocative, and can take us back to a time and place in the past or can remind us of a particular happening or person. This makes them a very important part of the whole process of dressing; more particularly dressing up! I don’t feel ready to go out until I not only look but also smell good!

Amongst my gifts were a limited edition Burberry, a Paco Rabanne, a Gucci and an Issey Miyake. I thought of doing some research into what goes into making a great perfume, one that not only smells divine, but also lasts really long. I learnt that a lot goes into creating and buying fragrances, atleast the really good ones. There are various layers to every scent, different ways of applying it depending on the effect you desire, and numerous fragrance families. It truly is a science and an art both!

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Branded Stuff at Reasonable Prices

I have done posts about designer look-alikes before and about websites where you can get products that look like the original but are available at a fraction of the price of the original because they are imitations. Many of us however do still hanker after the original when it comes to items such as watches, jewelry and accessories. And for those of us who are like that; for whom the brand is all, there is bidz.com, which is a brand name and jewelry auction, which claims to offer authentic products such as jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories from luxury brands such as Faberge, Di Modolo, Gucci, Chanel, Carrera y Carrera, Valentino, Versace, and so on.

Now this Tonino Lamborghini watch (date watch with genuine diamonds) that retails about two thousand three hundred and sixty bucks, got auctioned off for just $202. Pretty good deal that, I thought.

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