Hi there and thanks for stopping by. I’m Nicole Price. This is a little info about little ole’ me. (Not so little and not that thin either).Shopping

There is something that I am really passionate about, and that is getting good value for money! What I love best is a good bargain, and if I miss out on a great deal somewhere, I actually get depressed! Perhaps it is a hardwiring fault or something, but I seem to be programmed that way. I like to be able to make money when I spend, if that makes any sense!

Since I love great deals and bargains so much I thought that it would be really nice if there was someone out there who could do the hard work and sift the marvelous from the merely mediocre. And then I thought that someone could be me! Which is why I came up with this blog, and through this I plan to share with you all the useful information about bargains, great deals, perhaps even some designer look-alikes (not cost-alike) on anything and everything under the sun. In fact it is going to be all about GREAT PRICES HERE, people.

What I am is a bargain hunter, but what I am not is a techie. I have to kind of plod my way through things that are very technical, so that I can make some sense of it. So you won’t find among these pages, anything that is too technical or difficult to understand (sorry about that, or you are welcome, as the case may be). Just simple, solid information about the goodies in life! So read on and shop on!

Do take a minute and drop me a line (nicole [<a t>] greatpriceshere.com) on the kind of posts you the reader would like to see! And don’t forget to comment on the posts, I love comments!

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