“Proud American”

I’m 30, I’m single, and I’m proud to be an American. I live the American life, dream the American dream. Wear my nationality with confidence, arrogance even. Being a part of the leading country of the world has its perks. And they are in no way insignificant.

Why would everyone in this country be oozing patriotism? Plenty of reasons. Here are just a few:

Our Environment:

The climate here is fantastic. From the snowy winters of Seattle to the warm sunshine of Florida, it’s a pleasure staying anywhere across the nation. We do have hurricanes now and then, here and there, causing death and destruction. But that is really no biggie now, is it? We consume the highest amount of oil in the world, with China being a distant second. And China’s population is over 4 times that of USA. But really, not much should be read into those statistics. Global warming isn’t just our responsibility now is it?


Let me just say this one straight, WE ARE RICH! I’m not ashamed. It is what it is. We are a wealthy nation. We live extravagant high spend, low save lives. And we love it! Who is anyone else to tell us what to do with what we make.

Only 59% of Americans own their homes, way behind an 82% in Ireland or 80% in Spain. But how does that matter? We are still rich! We spend the money we have on expensive stuff – and very often also the money we don’t have. That’s what makes our average household debt the highest in the entire world. The figures for the UK, which ranks second, are still less than half of ours. But we lead the good life, and that’s what matters. And as we have already established, we don’t really believe in stashing money for the future and all that now do we? How important could that be? So it’s no surprise that the average household saving in Japan is about 11 times that of the Americans. Like in every other field, we beat all the other nations in respect of inequality of income too. True leadership that!

Women’s Rights and Safety:

This is one area we simply cannot go wrong. I mean, just look at us. Women here have freedom of every sort. We simply couldn’t have it better in any other part of the world. Don’t even get me started about places where women aren’t allowed to drive (Saudi Arabia), step out without being covered head to toe (all Arabic nations?), have to suffer genital mutilation (Mali) or are killed for honor (Pakistan).

But wait, women are being raped, violated, trafficked and discriminated against right here in our backyard too. A George Sodini kills 3 women and injures 9 in a gym outside Pittsburg. A gunman walks into an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania, sends out the boys and shoots down the girls. A man takes 6 female students hostage in a school and rapes them. Out of all the female homicide victims in our country, the perpetrator in almost a third of the cases is found to be the husband or boyfriend. If you’re pregnant in this country, the highest chance of anything killing you wouldn’t be some medical complication – it would you be your partner.

Oh and before I forget, we are hardly treated as equals in the workplace. On an average, men are paid 33% more than us for the same work.


The Government spends billions on healthcare. Americans are living longer than ever before. Average life expectancy is at its peak. Only one catch there. Even though we are living longer, we are living sicker.

So why are Americans so ill? It all comes down to their sedentary lifestyles and poor food habits. No exercise, fruits and veggies make us prone to obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses.  More than a quarter of us are obese, and even more suffer from hypertension. Add to that the increase in rates of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and love for shooting one another. Not such a pretty picture now is it?


What’s not to love about our education system? We house some of the world’s leading universities. Students from across the globe clamour to study here.  It couldn’t possibly get better.

And yet, our school children lag way behind those of many other countries in Math, Science, and Reading Proficiency – countries like Finland, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Estonia, Japan and Korea.

Let’s check on the adults then. Surely we get smarter as we grow up. US adults scored below worldwide average scores in Math, Literacy and Computer Skills. Amongst 21 participating countries, our Mathematical skills were just better than Spain and Italy.

Did I just hear someone say “Er, let’s go study elsewhere”?

Crime / Violence:

There is an upsurge in homicides, suicides, rapes, car thefts, shootings, you name it. The crime statistics are a rising graph. The recessionary economy and rising unemployment has rendered our citizens desperate. Every year, at least 1 in 5 Americans becomes a victim of a crime. That figure in itself is staggering! Prisons are full of criminals, and apparently so are our streets.

Racial Discrimination and Prejudice:

Against the African Americans and other minorities. Need I say more?

I rest my case…….

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