Shopping Then and Shopping Now

Remember how grandma shopped? Well you probably don’t, but never mind that – she took a shopping bag, trudged to the store, looked at her shopping list and bought what they had. She also kept an eye on the clothing store to see when it announced a sale and then if she was lucky she would get her hands on that dress that she had her eye on. Not so now. Consider how you and I shop now.

We have the benefit of shopping online – literally millions on products are within arm’s reach. We don’t have to go to stores unless we want to – practically everything can get delivered to our doorsteps. The choice is vast, you have access to so much more information and sellers fall over themselves to get your custom.

Shopping with bargains, discounts, freebies

Gone are the times when a purchaser had to buy a product that one retailer sold at the price quoted. Now you have the option of checking prices at multiple locations to see who offers the best deal; not only in terms of prices, but also in terms of what add-ons are offered to sweeten the deal. Once you know where you’re likely to get the best deal you can place on online order or even head to the bricks and mortar store to make a physical purchase.

Information is power

How good is the quality of a product? How well does it last? What is the after sales service like? Is the product really what the manufacture claims it to be? If a similar product costs more, is it proportionately better in quality? This kind of information is at our finger tips – we can read reviews and join online forums to really know what a product or a service is really worth. Service providers and manufacturers have become more accountable to the buying public – they can no longer pull a fast one on a gullible buyer.

Things are now so much simpler for the old and infirm

While able bodied people don’t appreciate not having to go over to a shop and physically lug stuff home, for older people, people with disabilities or with limited mobility the sea change in our shopping habits is a boon.

Reselling is a breeze too

Things you don’t want any more – that don’t fit, that you’re bored of, that are outdated; these may be just what someone else is looking for. No longer do you have to resign yourself to getting a pittance for your stuff in some garage sale. You can get really great prices by selling your old stuff online.

So shopping habits have changed – drastically – but I would say it’s all for the better!

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