Unwanted Gifts? Here’s What You Can Do With Them

We all get them from time to time – unwanted gifts – things that we already have, things that we don’t want, things that don’t fit, or quite simply do not like. A careless cousin, a well meaning aunt, a misguided friend or colleague may all have been guilty of presenting you with that unwanted gift. So what do you do with it?


The obvious thing to do of course is recycle unwanted gifts. The purple angora sweater may not be to your liking, but it may be just the thing that will gladden the heart of your aging aunt. Here’s a caveat though – give some thought to the gifting. If you think someone was thoughtless in giving you a gift, don’t be thoughtless in return. Even if you really just want to get rid of something, be reasonably sure that the receiver will appreciate it.


You can give away the gifts to a local shelter or your charity of choice. If you have no idea where you can donate your unwanted gifts, check out The Giving Effect. You can send them clothes, books, food, cleaning supplies, cameras, spares, baby items, gadgets, accessories and they ensure that these things reach people who really need them.

Exchange/Get a refund

A lot of gifters are sensible enough to know that their gifts may not be exactly what you want or need and they leave the tags on the item. This gives you the option of exchanging the gift at the shop for something that you do want. Some stores may even offer a refund. Remember though, stores are not bound to do this for you so don’t take it for granted that you will get the refund/exchange you want.

Sell online

Any number of online stores help you sell and resell items. EBay, craigslist, online classified let you register your item and sell it for a good deal. You can sell new or used items.


You could of course swap gifts with a close friend or a family member who is similarly stuck with gifts that they don’t want. However it is rarely so convenient that you have something that someone else wants and vice versa. At unwantd.com, you can list your unwanted gifts for free. You can then swap them with someone who wants it. You can list a car, a GPS navigation system, iPhone, audio CD, DVDs, stamps, games, jewelry, watches and more!

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