Do You Make These Common Shopping Mistakes?

Shopping is an art – I firmly believe this. You should have an eye for good deals and understand what good value for money is. I also believe that I have this quality – why else would so many people enviously tell me “I never get the deals that you seem to find” and so many of my friends take me along for shopping expeditions? My best friend in fact calls me her “lucky shopping mascot”! My point is, you can shop smart too – just avoid these common shopping mistakes:

  1. Not shopping around – Shop around; especially for the big ticket items like home appliances or designer wear. Compare prices in different stores, check online and then decide what to buy and when.
  2. Not making a list – make a list and don’t make impulse purchases. To the extent possible follow that list and try not to buy stuff simply because it seems like a good deal in bulk.
  3. Buying TV dinners – Don’t buy pre-prepared meals. They may be convenient and in an emergency they may be fine. But on a regular basis they are a drain on your pocket when compared with the cost of cooking yourself. They are also terribly unhealthy, loaded as they are with preservatives, fat, sugar, salt and artificial flavors.
  4. Buying crates of soda – No one needs to have soda – seriously there is no reason to consume those fizzy beverages packed with empty calories. They are quite simply a waste of money. If possible leave the sodas off your shopping list altogether but if you feel you need to have some of the stuff once in a while, get a bottle or two home. 
  5. Paying for shipping every time – Online shopping is so competitive that sellers are falling over themselves to sweeten their deals with discounts, freebies, coupons and free shipping. Combine your purchases, wait for the free shipping days and look around other websites – some websites’ prices may be slightly higher but the free shipping may make the whole deal cheaper.
  6. Not waiting for the sales – Buying during sales makes such a big difference that not doing so just doesn’t make sense.
  7. Not visualizing the usability of things – OK this lovely dress will not fit me, but it will make a great present for my friend! What they say is a single bed sheet; it could easily be a tablecloth if you so wish. Visualize the potential of what you see in the shops.
  8. Buying it just because it’s a ‘designer’ piece or because it’s trendy – Own your style; make your individual statement. Don’t follow the crowd; make sure each item of clothing you buy suits you, your personality, body type and coloring.
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