Top Things You Should Always Buy Used

You know I am this discount loving soul and I wait for things to go on sale before I let myself wrap my greedy little fingers around them. So since I have this predilection towards not paying the sticker price for things, I also tend to favor the idea of buying gently used pre-owned – used, secondhand stuff. And here’s my list of things that I feel one must buy second hand; in some cases, only secondhand:

  1. A home – A majority of us are never going to be able to afford to build a home of our choice and to our specifications. Best to look around and buy what someone else built. You may end up getting freebies such as furniture, a concept kitchen, additional woodwork etc with the home.
  2. Baby clothes – Children outgrow stuff so darn quickly it makes sense to use hand-me-downs. However beware of using used car seats, cribs and other safety equipment – it may not be equipped with the latest safety features and may be damaged by prior use.
  3. Car – Thoroughly perform all checks beforehand, but buy a used car. A car’s value depreciates the minute you drive it out the first time. And buy a used car particularly if you have fancy tastes in cars – else how will you ever afford the Beemer or the Merc?
  4. Designer clothing – The sticker price for new designer clothing is usually so obscenely highly that used designer togs are all you should opt for.
  5. Furniture – They don’t make furniture these days the way that they used to. It used to be solid wood and classic lines earlier; each piece made to last. The assembly line variety of furniture simply doesn’t compare.
  6. Décor items – Garage sales, flea markets and obscure hole in the wall shops can sometimes yield treasures. And who knows you may get lucky if you spot an antique item going cheap!
  7. Exercise equipment – Who gets rid of their exercise equipment? The guys that aren’t using it; who don’t want to use it. Ergo, you’re getting something that is mostly new and unused! Go for it.
  8. Books – I feel that the value of a book is undiminished by the pages being a little thumbed or the cover being worn. The joy of reading the book remains the same, whether it’s old or new. Also think used text books – so much cheaper, that it just makes sense to opt for those.
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