Tips for Guilt Free Shopping

Shopping is an enjoyable pass-time; the person that named it retail therapy wasn’t far wrong. Shopping and window shopping are leisure activities for me; great ways for me to relax and have a good time. However sometimes the self indulgence can make you feel guilty as well. Is it possible to shop and feel good about it? Well here are some ways to enjoy guilt free shopping:

Cruelty free products

Pick products that are made without harming any animals; products that have no animal hides, skins, or any animal products at all. Pay particular attention to this when you buy shoes, bags, jackets and so on. Eschew all products that use fur, leather, animal skins, silk, honey or other animal products if at all possible.

Ethical products

How much do you know about any product that you’re using? Do you know where it was made, the conditions under which the workers made it, their age, how much they were paid and so on? Ethical products are made without using sweat shop labor or child labor and by giving fair remuneration to the workers who made it.

Non-profits or stores that donate some of their profits

Many companies are philanthropically oriented – they support or fund charities or make contributions to other worthwhile causes. They may donate some amount per unit of product that they sell. Some companies are non-profit based helping to promote traditional or tribal arts, handicrafts and other economically backward or deprived communities.

Buying from ‘green’ companies

Many companies make conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in terms of raw materials used, manufacturing processes used, energy consumption and pollution control. They try to use recycled materials, encourage use of renewable and sustainable energy sources. They also try to reduce their reliance on the grid, practice water conservation and use earth friendly sources of energy such as solar or wind energy.

Buying Organic products

If you’re buying clothing, shoes and accessories look for materials such as organic hemp, jute, cotton and even bamboo. For food items also, look for organic stuff which has been grown using natural means while eschewing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic substances. Organic meat is sourced in a cruelty free manner and without the use of hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.  These substances are toxic for the body and they permanently pollute the soil and water sources. So buy organic, you’re doing yourself a favor and also encouraging earth friendly farming practices.

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