Discounts on Artificial Plants

I have a confession to make – I kill plants. It isn’t that I do it deliberately or that I’m lazy about looking after them. But they just die of their own accord; probably pining for someone with genuine green thumbs. So I have decided to keep only artificial plants – I don’t need to water them, I don’t have to fertilize them, I don’t have to wonder how much sunlight they need and I don’t have to wonder if my absent minded neighbor is looking after them when I’m out of town.

As always I have to look for discounts regardless of what I plan to buy so here’s what I found out about artificial plants being sold at a discount:

artificial cherry blossom treeA real bonsai is something that I would probably kill just by looking at it so this pretty cherry blossom bonsai is probably the best deal for me. Made from polyester, plastic and iron wire, this plant is about 10 inches in height, and comes with its own pot. Ideal for one corner of my home office: adds just the right touch of homey prettiness. Overstock offers daily discounts, so check to get the best deal. 

small indoor treeAmazon also stocks a variety of artificial plants that look great and are practically maintenance free. This 6 foot tall Nearly Natural 6′ Palace Style Ficus Silk Tree appealed to me for several reasons. It is tall, which makes it ideal for my verandah where I have my morning coffee. Plus it’s at a 73% discount, down from $251 to $67.

hanging basket of flowersThis Nearly Natural 6608 Bougainvillea Hanging Basket Decorative Silk Plant, Beauty is not at a huge discount, but I am a real sucker for hanging flower baskets. They just look so pretty!

artificial orchid indoor plant Orchids are something else that I am a complete sucker for… they’re just such gorgeous flowers! These Artificial 17″ Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids are at a 50% discount down from $ 30 to $14.99. This is just the sort of thing I need on my desk to inspire me to write each morning!

indoor plantsI also found artificial plants at wholesale prices here. They have many varieties of potted palms for the indoors and outdoors, bamboo plants, and various flowering bushes that do the job of a potted plant as well as a bouquet of flowers in a vase. I loved their set of 8 pots of English roses in assorted colors. They are silk in an artificial planter. They offer various closeout deals that you can check out.

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