Funky, Fun Stuff at a Discount

Every so often you come across someone who seems to have everything. Or there is that other person who is really difficult to buy a gift for since they are generally difficult to please. So what do you get these people? Well get them something that tickles the funny bone – a fun, funky gift that may not be strictly useful, but which is guaranteed to raise a few laughs – and a gift that raises a few laughs is a good gift right? Right!

funny doormat - warrantOK so here’s a slightly rude foot mat; the anti-welcome mat if you will. This doormat says “Come back with a Warrant”, as against the traditional welcome legend. And there are plenty of other funny ideas for foot mats: “Wow! Nice Underwear” says one; another simply says “Go Away”, then there is one that has a gun pointing at you and the words “If you can read this sign, you’re in range!” and there is one that says all this: “Please stay on the mat.  Your visit is important to us; your knock will be answered in the order which it was received” Hilarious!  

Female pillowThis girlfriend pillow just cracked me up. It’s silly but it’s just so darned funny! I know just the person who would love this; most of us probably know at least one person for whom this would be an ideal gift.

A personalized tee shirt is a terrific idea too. Here you can pick the type of tee you want – regular, v neck, fitted, long sleeved, hooded, fleecy and so on – pick the right size and then personalize with a slogan of your choice. You can pick clip art from the site, a photo of your own choice or whatever text you want. The possibilities are literally endless – pick what you think your gift recipient will really appreciate.

funny wall clockThis partly useful, partly funny item is another surefire hit – its clock that says You’ll be late anyway! A simple design and color scheme means that it’ll fill in anywhere.

beer beltA 6 pack beer belt from one of my favorite websites; is actually something that many of the guys I know would think of as useful and exceedingly practical. True to their name, the guys at stupid also have other items such as beer holding hoodie, toilet shaped beer koozie (to keep the can cold presumably) and a bunch of other guffaw inducing stuff too!

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