Why Alternative Treatments Make Economic Sense

I am reading up a lot about alternative therapies and complementary medicines and so on and also speaking to a lot of people who have chosen to go the natural way rather than use pharmaceutical medications for their ailments. This got me thinking and made me realize that there is a lot of be said for complementary and alternative medicine or CAM therapy as it is also known, for a number of reasons, some of them very sound economic ones as well.

Consider why CAM therapies can help save you money –

Medicines Cost Money – Quite simply, it can be an expensive proposition to buy and have medications over a longer term. Consider for instance, if you had high blood pressure and had to go on medication to control that. Rather than medicines however if your doctor prescribed certain nutritional supplements, dietary changes and a strict exercise regimen this may have a beneficial effect on the blood pressure without the medicines and will also have the added benefit of a fitter healthier you without the expense of medicines. Another example – if you learn about the basic acupressure points, you may be able to self heal a headache without having to take a pain killer!

Fewer Side Effects – The fact is that pharmaceutical medications are a bunch of chemicals that we willingly put into our bodies which are bound to cause some or other side effects. Now these side effects can cause future problems or complications that you will probably have to spend more time and money on. CAM therapies tend to use more natural or herbal remedies, so that there are fewer side effects and fewer long term economic repercussions. Consider the fact of homeopathy for instance. The medications are in the form of sugar pills with extremely dilute medications added to them. With homeopathy, there are never any side effects and the medications themselves may be quite economical.

CAM Therapies are more ‘Holistic’ – CAM therapies look to cure the entire being and not just address symptoms of a disease. So if you are troubled by, say constipation, a holistic approach to the problem will not be a laxative or a purgative, which would be a short term solution, a sort of band aid for the problem. A CAM therapist would rather go into the problem to see what causes the constipation and try and redress that imbalance in the system. Who knows there could be other beneficial impacts of the therapy as well.  For instance if you undergo acupuncture for the constipation, you may find some pleasant secondary benefits from it, such as increased energy levels and so on.

I think CAM therapies can make a lot of economic sense, don’t you? 

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2 Responses to “Why Alternative Treatments Make Economic Sense”

  1. I agree with the point of view as I have already swithced to CAM therapies after my doctor prescribed a “miraculous” medcine for me two years ago which turned out to be totally ineffective. In contrast to it, some herbals I got did the right job and cured the problem I had. Say “adieu” to classical ways of tretment)


  2. Funny how people always make full out of themselves


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