Perfumes Galore

There is no particular season for gifting, and a piece of jewelry, or some new tableware is always welcome. As are handbags and shoes. This Christmas and New Year time, for a change, I got plenty of perfumes. Enough to last me through the year.

Our sense of smell can be very evocative, and can take us back to a time and place in the past or can remind us of a particular happening or person. This makes them a very important part of the whole process of dressing; more particularly dressing up! I don’t feel ready to go out until I not only look but also smell good!

Amongst my gifts were a limited edition Burberry, a Paco Rabanne, a Gucci and an Issey Miyake. I thought of doing some research into what goes into making a great perfume, one that not only smells divine, but also lasts really long. I learnt that a lot goes into creating and buying fragrances, atleast the really good ones. There are various layers to every scent, different ways of applying it depending on the effect you desire, and numerous fragrance families. It truly is a science and an art both!

And coming to the varieties of perfumes, deodorants, colognes, the spray-on or dab-on packaging, with or without alcohol, the options are never ending and thoroughly confusing. A lot of understanding goes into figuring out which fragrance is right for you at what time and for what occassion.

So good luck to you all! Happy figuring out the smell just right for you, the one you would want people to remember you by!

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