Money Saving New Year Resolutions

It is that ‘new’ time of year again and though I got a bit delayed I made some New Year Resolutions this year as well, the way I did at the beginning of last year, to help all of us save some money. So here are some Money Saving New Year Resolutions, some my own, some borrowed from here and there, because, well, they’re just such good ideas!

Save for a Rainy Day – If its bills and expenses that seem to eat up all your earnings, pay yourself something first. Put something aside each month, so that that little nest egg grows and comes in handy when you really need it.

Get credit card debt free – I don’t know about you, but knowing that I owe money on my credit card is an awful feeling and one that I want to get rid of pronto. No sooner does that statement arrive than I make payment; I aim to carry on the good work in the coming year. If you find this difficult to do, don’t use your credit card at all; so that the debts don’t pile up.

Give up smoking – At no point in history has there been so much incentive to stop smoking – it is a hugely taxed commodity, making it a very expensive habit, there are barely any places left where you can smoke, and in the long run you will avoid so many expensive health problems that it is only prudent to kick the butt. All in all, huge savings!

Cook at home – Not only do you get to eat things cooked exactly the way you want them, you end up saving a bunch of money, so say nothing of calories! It is way cheaper to cook at home and brown bag your lunch and is also far less fattening to do so.

Buy Generic – Groceries, toiletries, cosmetics, grooming products, cleaning material and even medicines, cost a whole lot less if you buy generics rather than branded products. Check labeling to see that all the same ingredients are there, but also check how much money you end up saving.

Use public transport – This has so many benefits – not only is it cheaper than each of us using their own cars, it causes less traffic congestion and pollution on the roads. If this is not possible, at least car pool.

Pay bills on time – Easier said than done I know, but think of all the late fees you’ll save up on!

So happy new year peeps and hope we can all stick to our resolutions and be better (and hopefully more prosperous) people!

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