Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A friend is in the family way and I have been wondering what to give her as a baby shower gift. There is a bunch of ideas I had: some item of furniture for the nursery, or an infant toy, a stroller, a playpen, a baby monitor etc. if it is something more expensive I could get together with other friends to pool together and buy. Then asked her what she would like and now it is a tossup between a baby bed and a good diaper bag.

I find a lot of mothers thank the fact that they have a Moses basket or a bassinet. One mother I know carried it around till her baby was over a year old so that she could put her down for a nap anywhere. So I thought this one was really economical for $69.50. The only problem with it of course is that it is outgrown by the baby rather early, so I thought of a cot, which could be used over a longer period of time.

This cot can convert into a rocker as well and many mothers will tell you what a blessing a rocker crib can be! Besides the cot looks big enough that the child can use it for several years: this one is available for $149.

I also thought of a diaper bag. A capacious, well equipped diaper bag, with space for everything and everything in its place can be a super thing to just pick up on your way out. This cute red tote is $20 and includes a matching zippered pouch and fold out padded changing pad.

Then there is this one with lots of compartments and capacity that fits everything except however it will set you back a good deal: $118, but then it includes Changing mat, zippered pouch, mess bag, cell phone pocket, pacifier pouch, handy clip, wipes case and pockets galore to stay organized. And here you can find a bunch of other diaper bags that don’t look (thankfully) anything like a diaper bag is meant to look like!

And here is something else that I found which may be useful: a 5% off coupon at the baby outlet store.

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8 Responses to “Baby Shower Gift Ideas”

  1. Actually this is a tough one best left to the females. I had to once do the task of getting a gift at the last minute for a shower. Needless to say I failed miserably. 🙁


  2. How about baby Einstein cds and dvds? Those are really nice. My kids are still watching them and theyre already 2 and 3 yrs old.


    Nicole Price reply on February 28th, 2009 1:56 pm:

    Thats a fantastic idea too. Thank-you very much.


  3. Just out of curiosity… I understand why you post on on all of the dofollow blogs. Same as the rest of us (its a beautiful thing) However, wouldn’t it make sense to make your blog a dofollow as well? Just a thought.


    Nicole Price reply on February 28th, 2009 1:58 pm:

    Hi Grog, you are right.
    My blog was always a dofollow blog. I decided to make it a nofollow for a short time period due to a surge in spammy comments. The spam has reduced considerably now. Its time to follow again I believe.


  4. that is really nice idea thank alot


  5. I love the Diaper Bag idea! You never have enough totes to carry all your necessities, and it is needed for years to come, unlike the other gifts that are out grown in a few short months.


  6. A cot! wow that was a generous thought, heres hoping someone buys us a cot for baby 2 due October 😀


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