Good Deals on Hair Products

The last time I did a post about hair care products was a long time back and I got a great response from my readers so I thought I would do a post about hair products again. I also wanted to do a hair post because the winter does awful things to my hair and it requires extra care and attention during the cold season; this I am sure is true for a lot of you out there?

Well one of the things that I have been meaning to get myself is a hair straitening device. Don’t get me wrong; I love my curls, but it is a great thing to straighten my hair occasionally just for a change; and it does make me look a wee bit glamorous, even if I do say so myself! So I liked this Wet to Dry Straightener which is available at a pretty good discount, at $112.50 down from $150. Then there was also this slim type heating iron (moist) for just $74.99 down from 139.99 which I thought was a great deal!

Now has a store wide discount of 10% to 33% over the weekend, and I headed to their conditioner section because my extra dry hair needs a lot of conditioning. I was happy to find that everything there was being offered at some or other discount. This Bonacure color save shampoo and conditioner duo I liked a lot since it is available for $45.99, down from the list price of $78; a whopping $32 discount!

Here I found lots of clearance and sale items, such as this Paul Mitchell 1 Gallon Hair Repair Treatment. And it is a one gallon package so I am guessing that this will last me a really long time! At the price of $73.99 (which they claim will save you about 45%!) I think is pretty good.

Check out the clearance sales here as well, such as this Wella System Professional hydro shampoo at a 20% discount: at $39.99 down from 49.99.

So I wish you healthy and beautiful hair this winter season; may you never need a hat to cover up your bad hair days!

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  1. I always like my hair to be straight. Maybe I can use that straightening device so that I will no longer go to the salon. I can now fix my hair alone.


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