The Best Commercials of 2008

I was wondering what to do as a final post for this year 2008, and I thought why not trawl the net to find some good adverts that did the rounds. Also I haven’t done a post about commercials (the good and the bad) in ages. And I also got rather inspired by a post not so long ago on the blog which has to be one of the blogs I really enjoy visiting; it has a plethora of interesting stuff there.

They did a fabulous post about adverts aimed at President George W Bush all of which were excellent and a couple of which I cannot resist posting here to share with you all:

This one is an ad for the Smart Cars:

And this one is an ad for Stabilo Erasable pen made in Hong Kong, “Everyone makes mistakes” implying that with an erasable pen you could have corrected yours!

Another site I found had some super collections of all kinds of ads; TV, print media, radio and outdoor ads. I thought this ad for Scrabble was marvelous because I have often got that feeling while playing scrabble, that yes I recognize this there is a pattern discernable just like this jumbled up elephant.

Now I am not sure that I really like this one (it’s a bunch of rear ends after all), but I certainly admire the original thought behind it; ‘The other side of America’ for Queer travels:

Now this is one clever ad for a vacuum cleaner; pithy and succinct:

This is an ad for the TV series Sopranos, a campaign in New York taxis to promote the show: if I saw an arm hanging from a cab, even mere curiosity would compel me to watch the show:

Now this one by Vitae Shelters is clever not for the words or the cleverness behind the actual ad; but for its placement, which is the lid of a dumpster. Put in a place like that, where no one expects to see an advert, is really eye-catching.

And finally I leave you with a series of Top Ten Super Bowl Ads 2008 – Commercials from Super Bowl 42, a youtube video of 10 ads put together for your enjoyment.

There were enough Budweiser ads in there for there to be a Cheers! moment as well, so may I finally wish you all a very Happy New Year and God Bless!

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9 Responses to “The Best Commercials of 2008”

  1. I think the ad by Vitae Shelters is very smart indeed. Straight to the point.

    Happy New Year, Nicole! 😀


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  3. Man, damn living in Canada, I’ve never seen any of these!


  4. Funny…lol. Those are some really funny commercials (ads). Bush gets picked on some much…lol.


  5. I like people are so good with PSD. The ad with the butts is pretty interesting. Flawless work.


  6. I was thinking that you’ll be able to do another post similar to this one after the Super Bowl is finished today. ; )


  7. Hilarious! I love all the ads with George Bush in them. Just found your blog through Google, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve subscribed and I can’t wait for your next post!


  8. Now that Bush is no longer President, who is this country going to make fun of now?


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