Festive Discounts

My favorite time of year is coming soon; Christmas. I still remember the excitement of going to bed on Christmas Eve when I was a child; the almost breathless excitement in the anticipation of Santa Claus coming with his bag full of goodies while I slept so that when I woke up there would be all these lovely surprises waiting for me! After all Christmas is all about giving and sharing and gifting, so go forth and shop! If we can find discounts, all the better! And No! It is not cheap to buy discounted gifts, it is merely smart!

One of the time honored holiday gifts is sweaters right? Well Macy’s gives you quite a choice in the sweater department. This cable knit cardigan with a wide collar is really smart at the sale price of 23.99 down from $54. Lots more options here, cowl necks, tunics, the zippered variety, etc. Check out some really smart numbers for men here, such as these zippered fair isle sweaters that come in several nice masculine colors. Retails at $72, is offered at the very hefty discount of $35.99! Methinks I will get one each for the many male cousins that I have.

Check our Macy’s clearance page which has some beautiful Bath accessories like this Ralph Lauren bath accessories set which is at a 50% discount! Anyone want to buy me a Christmas gift?

I found some interesting traditional gifts at bathandbodyworks.com, like this tea light holder for just $5, down from $7.50. Comes in three different colors. Then this oil warmer / diffuser is also very pretty for $10, down from $15. These are just the sort of things that make ideal gifts for casual acquaintances or office colleagues. Not too personal, but pretty and traditional.

Then I thought these liquid soap dispensers were adorable. Here you have a smiling little snowman in a hat and the little penguin in a red muffler. They dispense anti bacterial hand wash soap in Crisp apple, sweet orange and pineapple with cinnamon spice scent. Each will cost you $10 if you buy singly and $12 if you buy two.

Now I have to tell you that I am not nearly finished with my holiday shopping recce around the net, in fact I am just getting into the mood! So you may all well expect another on these holiday shopping posts soon.

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