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I finished reading my regular blogs and every time I visit, I end up feeling hungry and longing for some tasty treats, so you can say that it was Stephen Fung that inspired me to do this post.

Ok the reason that I am such a great cook (so I have been told repeatedly; it’s not just my own conceit speaking), is for two reasons: I love good food and I am self taught. If there is a particular dish that I like to eat, I teach myself to cook it. And there is this incredible resource which gives you every recipe you can possibly dream of and that is the World Wide Web. For years now, I have not bought a recipe book; simply because any recipe that I want I can find on the internet free of charge! And the really good thing is that you can browse by cuisine, calorie, snacks, desert, main course or just about any criterion.

So you have the weight watchers recipes, some nice saliva inducing ones here, which even includes a pizza recipe! Then they have a point system which helps you calculate what is your daily allowance and how to keep within that in order to lose weight.

Here as well I found some very delicious looking and healthy recipes, including, whole-wheat wraps, sprout sandwiches etc., but I kept feeling that something was missing. I soon realized what it was that was missing: meat. It is a vegetarian site so be warned. There are some useful resources here about baby food, a calorie counter, info about how much fat you need to consume and why, so good site all in all.

If I were asked to pick my favorite cuisine, it would have to be Italian and Chinese, I can’t choose. I loved this Italian food site, with its main coursed, soups, breads, cakes and yes I really recommend their chocolate mousse recipe: tried, tested, tasted and digested!

I thought this was a good comprehensive Chinese recipe site, well subdivided into the different meats, salads, soup, rice, noodles, dim sum, sauces and marinades etc. I am so inspired with all this reading about every imaginable recipe, that I am just heading to the kitchen to whip up some hot and sour soup which sounds really delicious!

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10 Responses to “The Best Recipe Sites”

  1. I am not a fan of recipe sites but I do check them out once in a while. I enjoy looking at beautifully photographed pictures of good-looking food 😀


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  3. Thank you so much for sharing these links! I also hate to invest in cookbooks when you can get recipes for free online. Like you, I try to master a recipe myself. I usually end up doing a variation of a recipe I found, just to make it my own. I’m so glad you included a link for healthy recipes. I can’t wait to check it out! Great post!


  4. Thanks for the info. This is a great recipe sites. I will try these site out now !


  5. thanks for these recipe sites…are very useful….i think i’m gonna cook something…:)


  6. Thanks for some recommendations. Been to a few recipe sites and wasn’t statisfied. Going to check out yours now!


  7. I am more prone to looking for a specific recipe and going from that point. I bet that recipe books have taken a huge downturn in sale over the past 5-10 years….


  8. I stumbled upon Stephen’s site a couple of days ago and I’m pretty impressed of what he has done with his site. He is making quite a name for himself in the said niche. Oh yeah, reading it makes one hungry…;)



  9. I love food. I love to cook. I love to eat. And I love my wife’s meals. Great post. I just love reading and talking about food and cooking and recipes too. ; )


  10. My hubby’s favorite cuisine must be Chinese or Mexican…

    I’m not sure if I could live without German/Ukrainian or Italian food myself!

    I agree that it is so easy to find awesome recipes on the net, free of charge…

    I do hope you come by and check out my cooking site one day Nicole…

    Kimberly 🙂


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