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Supposedly all men are created equal but that is not true for drugs and medications. Different brands of the same drug will offer you the same formulation at different prices and under separate brand names. It all tends to depend upon your doctor and how he prescribes your medication. It is a bit of a secret of the medical profession that generic (read cheaper) drugs will do the job as well as their more expensive branded counterparts.

In fact generic medications are required by the FDA to have the same formulations, strength and efficacy as branded drugs. The reason that generic drugs are so much cheaper is because the manufactures of the generic varieties did not have to undertake the expense of research and development and as such can afford to sell the drugs cheaper. Or generic medication is that which has been imported from a country which has lower manufacturing costs. I found some useful FAQs about generic drugs if you want to take a look.

I actually got the idea to do this post from a post on a blog that I read regularly,, where the blog author talked to the founders of the site, about their startup story, which is aimed at providing a safe way for people to find significant cost savings on their medications. According to the home page of the site, they are not a pharmacy; what they do is “compare licensed, trusted pharmacies that enable you to purchase with peace of mind and save big on your prescription medication.”

Here as well, you can compare drug prices for over a thousand medications. Say for instance you want to check the prices for Lipitor, you can type that into the search box and you will get a chart showing you the comparative prices offered and your potential for saving.

This is also a useful site which tells you more about generic drugs and helps you compare costs between commonly prescribed branded drugs and their generic equivalents.

So while we all hope that we enjoy perfect health, we certainly do require medication from time to time; so let’s save some money while we’re at it.

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5 Responses to “Save Money on Medication”

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  2. Generic drugs are cheaper. I was afraid of the dose being different, but since trying them have had good results.


  3. Thank-you. Will surely get in touch with you if myself or anyone else has any questions.


  4. Well I personally feel there should be a limit to what you should save – especially for medicine. You never know what might happen.


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