Ideas for a Mother-to-be

My very good friend is pregnant and she is terrified of several things: the unknown (this is her first time), or not knowing what to do, birthing pains, of losing her lissome shape, and several other things. So I decided to lend her a helping hand with things (some of them anyway, there is no painless way to have a baby, so she will just have to bear with that).

First I registered her with ivillage’s weekly pregnancy guide. This will give her a weekly update of what is happening with her and her baby, via email. So now she knows that her baby is the size of a cherry at week 8 of her pregnancy; not so terrifying after all!

Next I nudged her in the direction of this really cool site for Stylish Maternity Wear. At first I was a little puzzled at the name; what does an erotic dance form have to do with pregnancy and maternity! Then I thought about it a bit: after all a pregnant belly does ‘dance’ a bit J. She could choose from maternity clothes by several designers, diaper bags etc. And some of the stuff was on sale so I was definitely interested! Since one of her chief worries was getting big and losing her shape, I was able to allay her misgivings with some really smart maternity clothes I found on the site.

One of the things that a pregnant mom to be will tell you is how important a comfortable pair of pants can be, which you can team with a lot of different things. These Ingrid and Isabel pants and tops are ideal. The pants can be worn with the band folded down or up to cover the belly. They have many other useful maternity items such as camis, tank tops and belly bands.

Over here, I found a lot of Japanese Weekend Maternity clothes on sale as well: string bikini panties (very comfortable to wear while pregnant), dresses, tops, tanks, skirts, pants etc. I loved this tieback maternity top, with its crossover bodice and sale price of $42, down from $70.

So if you have a friend in the family way or a baby shower to attend, I hope I gave you some good ideas!

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  1. […] Daily Reads Do you know anyone who is going to be a mother soon? Have them check out some ideas for a mother to be, courtesy of Nicole […]

  2. […] Daily Reads Do you know anyone who is going to be a mother soon? Have them check out some ideas for a mother to be, courtesy of Nicole […]

  3. I always give a Boppy pillow and a copy of a book by Dr. William Sears–The Baby Book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Attachment Parenting, The Breastfeeding Book…..The Boppy makes breastfeeding more comfortable and Dr. Sears is a blessing to all new (and not so new!) parents.


  4. It sure is a large event in one’s life when this process occurs. It turns many of the things a person is used to around and leaves them unsure of how their next day will go. Providing literary resources is probably quite helpful during that time, as having something to read takes one’s mind off of the physical changes taking place.


  5. I really like this article. It will really helps mothers-to-be. Thanks for the tips. This is a lovely site.


  6. Thanks for sharing this! Have someone similar to your friend and I’m going to recommand all these!


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