Biggest Divorce Settlements

I know I have never done a post such as this one before, but I just wanted to do something completely different from my usual save money / get good deals kind of posts and still at the same time, keep it All about the Money, honey J. I was watching the movie First Wives Club again after years and got curious to find out who were involved in the biggest divorce settlements ever.

Now if I were to pick one divorce settlement that is to my mind the most famous, I would it was the Donald Trump / Ivana Trump divorce with its high profile showdowns on ski slopes and massive settlements. After all it was Ivana who made that classic line her own when she said in the First Wives Club, ‘Don’t get mad, get everything!” Though the exact amounts paid out in the divorce were sealed by the Courts, according to Wiki, rumors estimated that Ivana received $20 million, the $14 million family estate in Connecticut, a $5 million housing allowance, all of her jewelry and 49% of Mar-A-Lago, the family home in Palm Beach which also serves as a private club for the Palm Beach elite. Ivana’s next marriage; to Riccardo Mazzucchelli didn’t last either and she filed a $15 million breach of contract suit against him as well.


Perhaps the most famous, but the Trump divorce has hardly the biggest in terms of money. Steven Spielberg, for instance paid Amy Irving a whopping $100 million when they hit Splistville in 1989.


Neil Diamond (my fave balladeer of all time) was unusually cordial when he divorced his wife of 25 years, Marcia Murphy and cheerfully paid up $150 million, saying ‘She’s worth every penny’! Perhaps Neil told her I still wanna be friends.

All these high profile celebrity divorce settlements however, do not compare to a relatively lesser known divorce settlement of Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich when he paid what is touted as the biggest divorce settlement in history, a $2.5 billion payout to his former air hostess wife Irina.

And I think this qualifies as one of the costliest divorces when you consider that the couple were never legally married: Mick Jagger ‘divorced’ Jerry Hall after a 21 year relationship and paid $25 million! Not bad!

I do think it a big unseemly to evince a ghoulish interest in the demise of other people’s marriage, but when such staggering sums of money are involved, well I can really help but be fascinated!

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6 Responses to “Biggest Divorce Settlements”

  1. I think you’re missing a few HUGE ones as well… I think Michael Jordan and his wife will go down in history as one of the largest.

    And I think more recently, Shag and his wife?



  2. Thanks for the informative read. I don’t really think following celebrities life is interesting to me.


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  4. What about Paul McCartney’s wife who got almost 50 million?


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  6. And I thought my first wife took me to the cleaners. This must have really hurt those men.


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