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Now as a corollary to my last post, I have to include a costume idea from one of the commentators here: use some old or discarded clothes to do this DIY fusion outfit: “I cut a shirt in half and an old dinner jacket and some pyjamas and I stuck them together to appear like I had a line going down the middle of me, with a suit on one side and PJs on the other. I even wore one slipper and one shoe, lol!!” Sounds like a good idea to me!

Now store bought decorations, props and outfits may be quick and convenient but also quite expensive. If you take out some time for DIY items, you can save a whole lot of money and have a lot of family fun in the bargain. Over here, I found some really fun DIY ideas for Halloween including making monster footprints, simple-to-make ghosties, green pumpkin, icky cobwebs and a whole bunch of other ideas you can use for a Halloween party.

You have to stock up of candy for all the trick or treaters, right? So check out this offer at Amazon, which lets you save $15 when you spend $39 or more on select Halloween candy offered by For other offers and discounts from Amazon, look here. In the alternative, give candy the miss and hand out fruit or other healthier treats. The children may be somewhat less enthused, but their parents will probably thank you!

Here, I found some very clever ideas for saving money this Halloween, such as how to create your own tombstone, growing your own pumpkins etc. A very good idea from here is to visit thrift and second hand stores like Salvation Army or Goodwill for costumes. No point splurging on a costume that you are going to wear for Halloween and let’s face it; not much else! Another great idea that I found here, is to trade costumes with friends and neighbors so that you have a lot of variety at virtually no cost!

If you want to learn to make fake blood, witches brew, or a classic hobo costume, look here. So I hope I put together some useful resources here to save you some money this Halloween.

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  2. I still don’t know what I’m doing for Halloween… I might just have to buy tons of candy and just eat at myself lol



  3. Thanks for sharing the ideas! And Happy Halloween as well!


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