I don’t know how many of you already know about hypermiling, but this is a term that I needed to find out more about. Hypermiling is a set of techniques to increase fuel efficiency and keep down fuel costs, so naturally I was interested in finding out more. It’s all about learning to adopt certain driving methods to get more miles per gallon of fuel. The technique has been around for some time now, but gas prices being very volatile recently have made is really popular in recent times. According to the hypermiling site, there are six main steps to follow:

1. Always know your gas mileage after every visit to the gas pump. Obviously you can’t improve on something until you know how good or bad it is in the first place.

2. Don’t drive aggressively. Rapid accelerations and frequent braking are really bad for mileage. It would seem that most drivers use the brakes at least 10 to 25 % more than required. To reduce braking, leave a big enough buffer between you and the car in front and don’t accelerate if you see traffic lights coming up. You are also advised to concentrate on driving etiquette and focus on maximum carefulness while driving to see results.

3. Sitting still at intersections / red lights. As soon as you see the red light before you, take your foot off the pedal and remember that idling does not improve your MPG.

4. Avoid traffic congestion. In this very interesting article, William Beatty talks about traffic ‘Waves’ and how to avoid them so that you are not caught in traffic snarls that cause you to stop and go stop and go. It’s about not going with the flow.

5. Accelerate slowly. To get to a certain speed in 3 seconds, it takes more acceleration (fuel) than it would to reach that same speed in 4 seconds. So don’t waste that fuel to save a second, makes sense I think.

6. If you have cruise control, use it. See here, to read about how Cruise control can be used to your advantage.

To discuss tips and techniques with Hypermiling buffs (or just to pick up a few pointers) you could go visit the Hypermiling Forum.

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9 Responses to “Hypermiling”

  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks


  2. Great post. This is an interesting piece of article.


  3. Excellent post. These steps really helped me and i learned a lot from this post. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us. Great work 🙂


  4. I have heard of the tips, but never knew they were called hypermiling. Another great reason to use your cruise is setting your speed to one that won’t get you arrested! So that one is a double-duty tip!


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  6. Smart driving… These tips are good not only for reducing expenses on fuel, but are just for safer driving – if everybody drive calm, keep the distance, accelerate slowly – there would be much less car crashes and accidents… Good for all i think:)


  7. Just to add, I don’t think many people would bother to follow all those.


  8. Thanks so much for providing us with all this great info about hypermiling. Too Shy to Stop writer Isabel Adams just did an article for our magazine about hypermiling. You can read the full article here.


  9. This is awesome advice!

    My hubby and I are very careful as to how we drive, practice good traffic etiquette and try to take our time as much as possible.

    Not only is it better for your fuel mileage, it’s better for the wear and tear on your vehicle!

    Kimberly 🙂


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