Roller Skating

My niece recently took up a liking to skating. She asked me to get her a pair of roller skates in the sweetest voice possible for a 7 year old. I just had to find her the perfect pair and real soon too. I did some research on what makes a good pair of roller skates and the kinds of skates available.

Surprisingly, there is a specialized kind of roller skates for every kind of user. Broadly, there are either quad skates (i.e. having 4 wheels, one in each of the corners of the shoe) and inline skates (with wheels in a line across the middle of the shoe base). Each of these types has a multitude of varieties based on the usage. Surprisingly there are 4 different types of quad skates for speed skating, outdoor skating, artistic skating and derby skating. Not surprisingly ,there are 4 kinds of inline skates as well. You can have them specifically for racing, fitness skating, for performing stunts and tricks and those for playing roller hockey. Phew!!

That’s quite a lot of options. Now before I can find something for her at a great price, I am going to have to go back to my niece and find out what she has in mind for her skating adventures. Will post soon about the cheap roller skates available out there when I know which kind she desires.

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5 Responses to “Roller Skating”

  1. Your response to my comment about “What Are Blogs Good For?” brought me here…

    Skating, wow! Blast from my past!! Used to skate at our church way lots!!!

    p.s. Added your blog to my RSS Reader…


    Nicole Price reply on September 12th, 2008 6:38 pm:

    Thank-you. I hope you enjoy my posts.


  2. Oh yes absolutely.


  3. Hi Nicole, my nephew is seven and also desiring to have the same for himself…However, I am a bit circumspect for the dangers involved while using it…Do you think I’m overreacting… 🙁


  4. I would think that 4 wheels would be best for younger kids. More stability. But I am looking forward to hearing what you decide on. I keep trying to get my son to go to the roller rink, but he swears he can’t skate. I doubt he’s even tried!


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