Camping Gear at Great Prices

I have to confess that I am not exactly a ‘rough it in the wild’ kind of girl; I am rather fond of my creature comforts like any city girl. So when it comes to camping, my mantra is Have mosquito repellant, will go camping or some such. I love the outdoor as long as I am reasonably well assured that I will not be stung, crapped upon, freeze, melt or get soaking wet.

3 person tentThis basic three person tent I thought was rather cool, with camouflage print and all. For $42.88 (at a 28% discount) it seems to be a good deal. Check out a lot of fairly low priced tents and shower/shelter combos here.

Camping TentThis one is one of the better quality tents, lightweight and with 2 doors and two vestibules and sleeps 4. With a star gazing feature, I liked this one at $299, down from $339. Many more in this range if you want to take a look here.

BackpackA capacious but compact carry all backpack can be really invaluable while going camping and for that I liked this Trekking backpack for $49.99 (at a 50% discount).

Sleepign bagA good sleeping bag of course is a must when you go camping and they come in many varieties of shape, size and the season, kind of weather and temperature that you require them for. Now this one seems a pretty good deal at $38.53 at a 30% discount. Comes equipped with a hood, this one is supposed to withstand 0 degree temperatures. I have to tell you though that the coffin-like shape of the bag makes me just a little bit squeamish and I keep feeling that there is no room for my legs to move about. But then I have not tried it so I really cannot say.

Sleepign bagI have to admit that I like the thought of this sleeping bag for two, all cozy and comfy. It is full-length, with an anti-snag zipper, hood, draft collar and draft tube. Lots more discount sleeping bags for you to check out here.

So did I tempt some of you to go visit the great outdoors and commune with nature a bit? I hope I did!

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6 Responses to “Camping Gear at Great Prices”

  1. You are more “rough it” than I am. Because, ya know, mosquito repellent makes you smell all….gross, and stuff. (say it real princess-like)

    My son, however, feels differently. He loves camo and wants a tent for the backyard, and I admit….the price is right on this one. Great find!


    Nicole Price reply on September 12th, 2008 6:40 pm:

    Thanks a lot. Lemme know how your son enjoys it.


  2. Thank you! I was looking for that! I never had courage to camp, but i´ve been thinking a lot about it and this is a very interesting help!!! Thank you!


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  4. I was thinking about camping products, you really helped me, thanks.


  5. You are most welcome. Hope you have a great time camping with your grandsons.


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