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I want to take my own advice and cut down on one of the family’s recurring expenditures: that of the daily news paper. After all reading the news on the internet slakes my (limited) thirst for current affairs and information. The one thing that is making me chary of taking action here is the fact that I will not have access to the comics section of the newspaper (I admit that I am one of those who scans the headlines and heads for the comics section right away). The internet (its wonders never cease!) provides me a solution to this as well.

If, like me you like Peanuts, then the Peanuts site is a must visit for you. Read a months’ worth of comics, send a comic to a friend, or send an e card from here.

Now the Dilbert website I liked even more because you can sign up for a daily animation, daily strip, most popular, newsletter etc. What I also liked very much is the Dilbert Widget which gives you the option of seeing Dilbert in color every day; enjoy archives, rank and share with friends. The widget comes in different sizes.

This site offers you the option of free as well as paid subscriptions. If you sign up for the freebie, you get a comic strip delivered to your email inbox 6 days a week. If you want to go in for one of the paid subscriptions you get a lot of bells and whistles such as multiple strips everyday of the week, puzzles, access to archives etc. You can also purchase a membership as a truly unique gift for someone.

I love Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes and Dilbert; they have to be my fave comic strips and each of them are available on this site. Your favorite comics appear in your personal RSS/RDF feed, in your (optional) daily emails or on your own Comic Digest page.

Here you can read comics and post your own comments too. So if you are a serious comics buff it would be a really nice place to hang out, share opinions etc.

Hagar the Horrible Comic Strip is also a really neat site where you can read comics, jokes cartoons etc, and also have them delivered to your inbox for free. I don’t know about you but I like to start the day with a laugh so I think having comics and funnies delivered to the inbox is a great idea!

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