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CNN Money put out a list recently, of all the best companies to work for, and guess who is number one on the roll… well its Google!

GoogleApparently Google is also in the business of making millionaires (out of its stock holders). The stock broke the $700 mark! And why is it the best company to work for? Stock options! To 99% of their employees! With revenues of ($ millions) 10,605 in 2006, it does sound like the best place to work, with 8134 employees in the US and 60% growth in a year!

Quicken LoansHeadquartered in Livonia MI, Quicken Loans is supposed to be the second best company to work for and in the words of an employee is an ethically driven online mortgage lender. 2006 revenues were 602 million.

WegmansWegmans food Markets, headquartered in Rochester NY had the annual revenue of 4,119 million in 2006 and is the second best place to work for. A family owned business, the chain has 71 stores and was named the best supermarket in 2007.

Edward JonesWhat recession?! Edward Jones, the brokerage firm headquartered in St. Louis MO gave 70% of their employees a 6.5% raise last year as a 1000 new offices opened out over the US! New jobs created in one year were 1182! Good going!

GenetechGenetech is a biotech firm that is well known for its perks so it is an obvious choice when deciding which are the best companies to work for. With over 10000 employees already, the company created 871 new jobs in a year. Sample one of their unusual perks: Come to work by bicycle, on foot, via public transportation, or in a carpool and you get a subsidy of $4 a day.

Cisco Systems is the next best, for certain employee friendly innovations such as CEO John Chambers’ blog On My Mind which invites employee ideas. The San Jose, CA company created 4700 new jobs in a year.

As any coffee lover knows, Starbucks is an institution (I love it for the way any Starbucks outlet smells) but apparently it is also a great place to work for all its 134,013 employees with 2519 jobs created in a year.

Qualcomm, the popular on site primary care clinic gave new employees stock options and 100% health insurance coverage.

While the stockmarket was not kind of Goldman Sachs, the company has record sales and profits so all was well for the employees.

At number 10, Methodist Hospital System added a new program called No one dies alone in which employees volunteer time with terminal patients. Hmmm can’t be very uplifting for the employees.

So lots of people there with every reason to anticipate another day at work. What about you? What do you like best about your job?

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12 Responses to “Best Companies to Work for”

  1. I did not know that Google was #1. I tried for so long to hate Starbucks, until someone pointed out how good they are to their employees. So that company was not a big surprise to me. And I was finally able to enjoy my caramel soy latte without feeling guilty. 😉


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  3. Google has been rank number since 2006 announcement for 2007 publication by Forbes and was featured on the news, Oprah, and a few other place. You should check out all the YouTube videos. Unfortunately they get over a million applications per year and anyone who wants a job their is going to have to compete heavily to try and get the job. Luckily, I don’t like working a job lol


    Nicole Price reply on August 11th, 2008 11:58 am:

    The videos are great. the Googleplex must be every employees dream place of work. And you sure have to be the best to get hired by them.


  4. I think it will be a long time before Google is overtaken for the #1 spot on this list. The perks they provide for their employees are simply amazing and usually completely free of charge.


  5. Good luck!


  6. Nice well written article.
    thankyou very informative


  7. In reference to number 10, since the people are doing this on a volunteer basis, I am sure they must be very altruistic. In many cultures to be involved in the passing is a tremendous honor. And to be their for someone who has no one, must be a very positive…although a really sad event…life does go on…


  8. Excellent post and fantastic list – I like the idea of number 10 – must be a tough job to do but so necessary to ensure no one dies a lonely death.

    Working for Google – I have only heard good things but I guess being one of the most desirable jobs going – will be tough to get in the door!


  9. Thanks for the good list (and thanks to CNN too). Got here after pixelhead(adam) blogged about his top commentators.

    I have heard good things about google and cisco. Isn’t number 10 for humanitarian guys. Not everyone would like it.


  10. I expected Google to be number 1 and I have always longed to work for them. But of late, I am becoming more and more interested in working for myself. When I see some bloggers make a lot of money writing simple posts, I conclude it would be better for me to invest more time into my online life after my current struggles (PhD research). I think the opportunities are limitless in the cyberspace.


  11. It is not surprising to see that Google is the best company to work for. it is the biggest site in the world.therefore, there would be more work opportunities.
    i wish i could become a member of it.


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