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Greetings friends! Do any of you still go to the card shop and actually buy greetings? As in printed on paper and in an envelope? Well I stopped doing that a while ago. E cards or e greeting is the way to go: quick, easy and best of all free! The hitch however is how do you send e greetings to a mom who steadfastly refuses to have anything remotely connected to a computer or the internet? Or to the grand mom who cherishes every card, letter or note that you sent her and would be hurt if you missed sending her a proper greeting on her upcoming birthday? Well there are sites that allow you to print cards so you can send them by snail mail just as if you went out to the store and bought the card.

Condolence cardNow here, you can access to a whole lot of printable greeting for pretty much every occasion. They even have condolence cards and world’s best grand mom cards. They have templates in PDF format that you can simply open and print; very painless.

Grandparents cardPrint is a site that gives you the option of printing not just greeting but also calendars, wrapping paper, business cards and other office stationery and other pictures and prints. You can customize and change whatever you want in the card enter the text of your choice and then print it according to the instructions given. They have detailed tips on how to print in a way that fetches the best results. Fairly idiot proof.

Thank you cardThis site also had some very good quality cards and it offers you a one month trial period for free. You of course have to sign up for this one. Again you can customize or take their suggestions about what to say in the card.

Birthday cardThis site has a good collection of cards; I especially like the birthday cards which are divided into his, hers, kids and funny. They have a fairly straightforward interface for editing the cards, you can even upload your own images to customize.

May I wind up with a small bit of advice for the men folk out there? Women love to receive cards for no reason at all. Have I given you a clue?

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8 Responses to “Greetings for Free”

  1. Thank you for these suggestions! I love the idea of printing cards, but am always limited to the lame 3 or 4 that come with Office. And not to sound cheap, but cards in the store can cost over $2, and often just get tossed into the trash (or the recycling bin at our house). That’s a waste of money. I am heading over to check out these sites right now, thanks again!


  2. There was a time when I only send e-cards but time has been changed now. I then change my thoughts and start sending real greeting cards. I think people feel good to receive a paper card rather than an e-card. Thanks for sharing these sites for printable e-cards. I shall be using it very next time.


  3. Maybe I am just old school but there is something really nice about the gesture of buying and mailing a greeting card. Email and Ecards are just so hurried and on special occasions it is nice to know someone took the time to buy the card and put it in the mail to you.


    Nicole Price reply on July 23rd, 2008 12:40 pm:

    This is actually half way there. Its just that instead of buying, you print a card and mail it across.


  4. Have you looked at some of the companies that manufacture custom and personalised cards for almost all occasions? Sure the cards are expense but they make great gifts.

    I recently recieved one for my engagement and it made a great keepsake item to remember the occasion.


    Nicole Price reply on July 23rd, 2008 12:54 pm:

    They do make splendid gifts, but as you said, they are expensive and not everyone will give one to everyone. I will try to find some good sites providing personalized gifts at low rates.


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  6. Such a nice ideas on priniting cards. Thanks for sharing it!!!!


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