Camcorders: Deals and Discounts

If you remember, I did a post a few days back about digital cameras, but somehow I felt that it was kind of incomplete without doing a roundup of all the camcorders, or movie cameras or digital video recorders or handycams, call them what you will. Fact is I don’t have one, and what holiday is complete without holiday movies for heaven’s sake! How can I show my face at a tourist spot without a handycam in tow duly forming extension of arm!

Time was it was the Japanese who were seen in every nook and cranny of a tourist spot, sporting the latest, the tiniest, the most sophisticated cameras ever, wide smile unwaveringly fixed in place, but now pretty much everyone seems to have one, so why not me, I say! Let’s explore the possibilities shall we?

I don’t want anything too fancy (or complicated), just something that will help me capture when the kids do or say something really funny or something to shoot the animals at the zoo with; you know the kind of thing? OK now I looked for ‘Handycam’ and all I came up with is Sony models; how perplexing I thought! Then the penny dropped, Handycam is a trade mark name, much like ‘Walkman’ both of which are now pretty much generic. Duh!

Panasonic CamcorderNow this Panasonic 40 GB Hybrid Hard Drive Camcorder model I liked a lot for $351.66. Sounds really neat: “The 40GB internal hard disk drive lets you record continuously for up to 36 hours (in LP mode) without changing a disc, tape or other recording media. But if you run out of room, there’s a slot for your SD/SDHC memory so you can keep taking home movies or pictures without worry.

Samsung CamcorderThen this Samsung SC-D372 MiniDV Camcorder I thought was very reasonable for $149.99, but it turns out this one records on those little tape things. And that’s like outdated right? So let’s plough right on.

Canon CamcorderOne of the commentators here, J David, made a mention that as a person who worked with cameras he was of the opinion that Canon was the best bet for cameras, so this Canon DC310 option I liked for $249.99 where you use a DVD for recording.

JVC CamcorderAlso this JVC Camcorder GR-D850 is pretty good for $198.85 which uses the Mini DV as recorder.

Sony HandycamAnd what of the Handycams? No electronics list is compete without mention of Sony, which has such a brand loyalty that it can have an advert that simply but effectively just says “It’s a Sony”, this one was one of the lowest prices I could find: $222.90 for this Sony Handycam DCR-HC52 MiniDV Camcorder.

So taking the sage advice of my significant other, I have to quickly get myself one of these and as quickly thereafter take a holiday!

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8 Responses to “Camcorders: Deals and Discounts”

  1. You are most welcome!


  2. In the past Canon and Olympus have changed my mind because i thought Yashica has best Cameras on this planet. Do you think brands other than Handycam will be able to change my thoughts again? I always bought Handysam because it is by “Sony” but I am thinking to try Canon or JVC. What you think? which will be the best buy?


    Nicole Price reply on July 17th, 2008 6:32 pm:

    Sony has been my all time favorite brand too. But I do hear a lot of good words spoken for Canon and Olympus. So if not Sony, my choice would be either of these two.


  3. Great post Nicole. I do have a video cam, but mainly use my Canon S5 IS which has the ability to do video as well as stills. The movies however are limited to a little less than half an hour with my 2GB memory card.
    I am actually taking an online video production course that recommends cameras with tapes as oppossed to hard drives or discs due to the compression of data when using a hard drive or disc.
    Do you know if the Samsung has an external mic plug?


    Nicole Price reply on July 18th, 2008 6:10 pm:

    Oh so cameras with tapes are actually recommended? I always thought the ones with discs would be better. Have you considered expanding the memory of your existing camera? You could get a 4GB card instead (or more). The product specifications on the Samsung page do not mention the external mic plug. So maybe it isn’t there.


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  6. Nice post but I want to add one more thing to it and that is: what ever you buy just read the reviews and blogs related to that product online and also compare the product prices online. This way you will get better and cheaper product.

    Thanks for the article 🙂


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