Fitness Equipment: Some Good Deals

Does the urge to get fit and become a lean, mean fighting machine suddenly come upon you? It does me, from time to time. Buying fitness equipment or setting up a home gym is a considerable outlay and you need to think carefully about what exactly you need, what you budget is and if you have the space in your home to set up what you want to get.

I think that a combination of some form of cardiovascular exercise combined with some resistance training is a good overall fitness plan. So I thought that the basics needed for this plan would be say a treadmill or a stationary bike or an elliptical / stepper for the cardio and a basic multi station gym for the resistance/strength training would be quite enough to be getting on with. As for the sauna belts and vibra- this or that, take it from me: completely useless! There is a simple fitness mantra that I think is quite accurate: No Pain, No Gain (or as in this case, no loss).

TreadmillNow a no frills treadmill can be yours for as little as $95.98 but if you can afford it, I would recommend a motorized one where you can alter the incline or speed (which you can increase as your level of fitness increases) and which comes with other great features like a pulse and calorie counter etc. I liked this motorized over here for $485 and up.

Exercise cycleI liked this stationary cycle for $199 and then there was this cardio glide for $126.99 which did not convince me much because it seemed a bit of a jack of all trades and master of none. There was also this stationary bike for $199 with a built in back rest. Now this I think should only be for people who have a back problem or who need the support for another reason. Otherwise I think you should make it at least a little difficult for yourself!

Strength trainingNow this strength trainer system looked pretty good to me starting from $179.99, but I don’t know if it offers a sufficient range of exercises. In the event I thought that is multi station home gym was a great option for $499. I’m going to get some of this stuff when I can afford it, meanwhile I shall go for a brisk walk with my good friend the iPod.

And to wind up with, I can’t resist throwing this little homily at you: “be good to your body, remember it is the only one you have”

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  2. I think you blog too little as it is.


  3. Good deals indeed. Just don’t forget to compliment your exercise with the right diet 🙂


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