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I’ve talked about celebrity look alike items (or knock-offs if you prefer that term) before, and touched on the topic of handbags, but those among us who feel passionately about hand bags would agree that several posts and not just part of one post can be devoted to the topic of bags, bags and more bags! Since we are all about discounts or at the very least good value for money, let’s talk about designer ‘inspired’. Let’s face it, if you want a smart, current look and don’t want to do that at the expense of a second mortgage, then you have to consider this option.

Black clutch inspired by Calvin KleinStyle in the bag is a good collection of bags which has a selection of evening bags and clutches and a good designer inspired section. This classic black clutch (Calvin Klein inspired) would be great to grace any occasion with but will set you back by $19.94!

Bronze ClutchI liked the under $10 evening bags here, this bronze clutch is for $8.50, this red bag with a shoulder chain and metallic trim is for $9.75.

Hobo BagIf, like me you like to go for big capacious bags that carry a lot of stuff, take a look at this hobo bag with a lot more like it over here, all for under $10.

Now I am a big fan of totes, because I always carry a nice large tote when I go shopping; it is a green thing to do too! You will cut out a lot of unnecessary plastic and other packaging for things that you buy. A good tote can even double as a gym bag or a bag to take to the beach or the pool. It can even work as a laptop bag at a pinch! Also it is a good idea to fold a couple of totes and tuck them into your suitcase while travelling; you know you will come back with a bunch of unnecessary souvenirs and extra stuff that you could not resist buying.

Red ToteIf you want to order in bulk, check out these promotional totes here (for as little as a buck and a half per bag) and here. You can order in bulk from here as well, but you also have the option of buying single pieces here. I liked the basic totes here, from about $5 and up.

Now if knockoffs are simply not your thing, check out these designer bags at some good discounts here. And if you are a real bag fiend, then you should take a look at this blog devoted to bags, bags and more bags.

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  1. You are most welcome.


  2. It’s a toughy, isn’t it? I think as long as it’s made clear that it’s an ‘inspired by’ bag rather than a knock off then it’s okay – as you say, not everyone can afford several handbags worth thousands of dollars.


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